Friday, April 20, 2018

Chicago Quilt Festival

I had a great time last weekend at The Chicago Quilt Festival.  It is smaller than Houston, but so easy to drive to.

I took lots of phone photos, I hope you can see the details.

One of the highlights was a special exhibit by Cindy Rennells, of Cindy's Antique Quilts.

She featured several antique quilts using star blocks.

The green in this one was a beautiful shade.

Hand pieced and hand quilted, the alternated blocks were a glazed bird chintz.

Bird Chintz with Star Blocks
Brown Setting Triangles
Green Binding

Some examples of the bird chintz in the alternating blocks:

The indigo quilt has expertly pieced with basic quilting - a stunning classic.
16 blocks and a HST Border


Check Out The Last Row

Lower Right Corner Block

Love the Pink and Blue

Clasped Hands
The center block of these stars is
appliquƩ of two clasped hands

Gloved hands maybe?

So many more great quilts in the exhibit, only
a few posted here.  Thank You Cindy!!

This was one of my favorite hand quilted quilts.
Elegant in all white.


Yes, it had a well deserved ribbon!
Beautiful hand quilting, crowded area so hard to 
get photos.

Cynthia Collier had a quilt in the Traditional
Her broderie perse and quilt as you go
method is beautiful.

How many of you started a little house quilt
with Jeanneke?
I did.
My plan is to make a house to represent 
every home I have lived in.
Still a WIP....

Machine Quilted houses
Selective Cut fabrics

Hand Quilted Center

Sue Spargo had a special exhibit with so many quilts I lost track.
The layers of wool, embroidery and embellishments are impressive.
She drew quite a crowd, she did three gallery talks.

Just a couple examples from the numerous
quilts in the special exhibit.

What did I buy?
Another Cutterz ring.
Of course my friend and I got the bling models
Handy for air travel.
I need some practice because I am still getting
a bit more fuzz at the thread end than I like.
They are a Shark Tank business - FUN!

Test Batch

Then there was an ice and snow storm!
Ice in the North Chicago suburbs where I stayed.
At home, they ended up with 22" of snow.
Fortunately, I was staying with good friends and we made the
best of the day hand sewing and - baking pretzels!

Sandy O was the winner of the magazine, I notified her and have not heard back. If I don't hear from her next week I will draw again.

I hope you enjoyed the Chicago Quilt Festival photos.

Have a great week,



  1. Amazing quilts and workmanship on them.


  2. Wonderful to see your photos Dawn. That green is so vibrant and beautiful - I love the bird print too! How curious about the bottom block on the feathered star quilt - a repair?? The clasped hands are lovely as well. That gorgeous wholecloth has a second place ribbon - first place must have been pretty incredible. It looks like trapunto but is it just the loft of the batting? One day I want to make a wholecloth quilt too. So many lovely details to enjoy - thanks for sharing your pictures!!

  3. Great photos and gorgeous quilts. Thanks for sharing the highlights from the show. These posts mean a lot of those of us who cannot attend the big city shows, they're food for the spirit!

  4. Such beautiful antique quilts. Really interesting details, like the chintz birds, and the clasped hands.
    Such wonderful details in Sue's work.
    The pretzels look yummy!

  5. Thank you for sharing. It's been a lot of years since I went to a Chicago show.

  6. You have shown us beautiful quilts. Of course I know the little house quilt of Jeanneke (on my WIM-list toošŸ˜‰). I heart about the snow in Chicago. Luckily it is summer here in spring. It's beautiful here. All the blossoms in the orchards. Cheers.

  7. Love it that your ring has some bling! Don’t need it in quilts but in life I do!
    The quilts you are showing are just amazing!
    It must have been a joy to watch them all up close.

  8. Oh those antique quilts - how wonderful that you could see them and thank you for sharing them with us. The green fabric in the first quilt looks almost identical to what is in the family quilt I inherited - The Bethlehem Star. (My 365 houses quilt is done - but then I gave up short of 1/2 way - I would like to think my construction crew left, but I just ran out of steam piecing all those little houses...anyone who did all 365 has my complete respect!)

  9. Thanks for sharing photos of some remarkable quilts. The white on white hand quilted quilt is astonishing and the antique quilt with the improv bottom row just made me smile. Glad the weather didn't prevent you from attending.

  10. I am drawn to the bird chintz fabric.
    How many different homes have you lived in?

  11. Finally I have taken some time to read your blog, and anove all, enjoy the photos of the quilts on display. They are amazing! I am in awe about the white wholecloth: a masterpiece of handwork! And I love Cynthia Colliers quilt; I admire her quilts and her broderie perse! And the bird chintz in the upper quilt is gorgeous, the birds as well as the color. You must have had a wonderful time over there!

  12. Thank you for the wonderful eye candy/ What beautiful quilts. I especially love Cynthia's quilt. She does such beautiful work!

  13. Looks like a wonderful quilt show! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Great show! Love the quilts you are showing, very varied, something for everyone. Can you believe this weather? I see it was really bad over at yours as well. Although we have not had snow anymore (certainly not 22"!) it was summer last week and really hot and now it is grey, wet and we are back in our wintercoats. Ugh, drives me mad!

  15. Attending the Chicago and Houston Shows are on my bucket list. I appreciate the photos. I am going to look into the cutter ring thingy.


Thanks for your comments!