Sunday, June 24, 2018

Proud Finishes

Some wonderful finishes to share.

Florence finished her Catherine's Garden quilt.

She used reproduction fabrics.
Hand Applique
Hand Quilting - following the original quilting lines shown on the pattern.  She then went back in and added even more!

Isn't it beautiful?
Three years on and off with other projects in between , including moving.

For the ground fabric she used 'Lately Arrived' by Barbara Brackman from her stash.

She reports it was especially nice to hand quilt and she wished she bought more.

All cotton batting.
She quilts in a hoop - the same hoop she's enjoyed for the past 30 years of quilting.

The center of her quilt.

 "I will say it was the most fun quilting project ever - the background fabric was just wonderful for quilting and so much space quilt on and I just kept adding more and more!"

It was fun to see photos of Flo's quilt as she worked on it.  It was an honor for us to have a collector of magnificent antique quilts, make one of ours.

Thank you Flo for sharing your work!

Lee Anne has her Calico Paradise ready for quilting.

She is planning to hand quilt, possibly with pearl cotton and maybe a big stitch.

She had a very special red that is hard to find for the border.  In order to stretch it, she added 8 blocks to the border.
Great look!!

Lee Anne you captured the original look perfectly - thanks for sharing.

Send more photos of the quilting, we'd love to see it.

The choice of fabrics is perfect.

They sparkle in the summer sunshine.

There is a new line of fabrics due out soon - similar color ways perfect for this quit - stay tuned for more details this summer.  I'm particularly interested in the double blue - could be stock up time!

Joy shared her quilt all hand stitched by her.
She combined three or four old patterns in a way that appealed to her.

It measures 71" x 71"

Perfect to hang behind a king size bed.  She has a king size Pot of Flowers/Pride of Iowa quilt she has planned.  What a room that will be!

The fabrics are all from a reproduction fabric line from Laurene Sinema of Phoenix.

This quilt was exhibited in Chicago and Houston in 2017 in "Traditional Appliqué".

Joy uses wool batting.

Incredible quilting - look at the wonderful texture!

Thank you for sharing Joy!

Pip has her Calico Paradise well under way. I have ALWAYS wanted to see this quilt in

She swapped out some of the madder for turquoise.

Don't you love the multi colored leaves?

For the very center she used a classic Kaffe print.

Fun combination of dots and stripes!

Pip lives in Australia. I often think about the original maker and how she would have marveled at our fabrics and the distance we can share our quilting projects.

The color glows!
Love the variety of prints and how they all work together.

Thanks to all the quilters who shared their beautiful work.
Email me if you have photos you would like me to share.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Oh my! What a talented group! They are all stunning and beautiful. Love that Pride of Iowa just because I'm a sucker for the era. So much beautiful work!

  2. These are all really beautiful!! There are some talented stitchers out there making your lovely reproduction designs :0) I think it is so cool that you include the original quilting designs of the original in your patterns. The texture from wool batting and handquilting is amazing!! I'm very curious now about the fabric line coming out that you mentioned - bright repros are my favorite.

  3. What beautiful quilts and appliqué work, as well as the quilting.
    I really need to get my room organized so I can start finishing some quilts and practicing my quilting.


  4. Beautiful quilts. Co gratulations tomthe makera. It must younso very proud to see your patterns co e to life.

    1. My daughter, who drafts the patterns, is particularly delighted to see what Quilters do with the patterns.

  5. Just had a little coffee break and then I saw this... I can tell, my entire break was filled with admiring these beautiful quilts! What skilled ladies they are, all of them, and I love their choice of fabrics, the applique and above all, the quilting stitches. What a treat to look at this beauty; thank you for sharing!

  6. Such beautiful quilts, all of them! So wonderful to see them! I enjoyed your last post too. So interesting to hear a bit about how loaning a quilt works. I'm clueless when it comes to insurance and the like!

  7. Such magnificent work. It all starts with a great pattern, but the places they take them from there is inspiring. I am especially smitten with Joy's quilt, though they all leave me in awe!

  8. So many GORGEOUS quilts! Congratulations!

  9. WOW! You have done a good job, all the designs in the quilt looks amazing!

  10. Just fantastic, the labour that went into these beauties! Gorgeous.

  11. Oh my what wonderful interpretations of your super patterns! I adore Lee Anne's version of Calico Paradise and her unique border treatment. I cannot wait to see more of Pip's version - fabulous! I hope we will all still be blogging when I get Noah and Matilda done - wink!

  12. Wonderful works of art! Thank you for sharing these!!

  13. This is an amazing number of finished quilts! Congrats to all the talented makers and thank you for sharing your work. Dawn and Nora, you've chosen great patterns -- excellent drafting and instructions are surely a reason you have had such success!

  14. Such a beautiful quilts and aspecially the handquilting. So many hours and so much love that are put in these quilts. Congrats for evereyone.

  15. So glad to see all those finished quilts. Each person taking their own ideas on how to execute the design and coming up with such beautiful finishes. I especially like the red and yellow combo. And Joy's quilt is definitely a prize winner in my opinion. Gorgeous quilting.

  16. These are all absolutely stunning and certainly something to be proud of!!

  17. Swooning over these beauties! And the hand quilting...and because you made such an huge effort to get these patterns prepared and available for present day quilters. I just know those original ladies who first created each quilt is smiling in approval.


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