Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Summertime Stitching

We've been keeping busy at home.

Gardening includes hatching some praying mantis, keeping track of a little tree frog living on the porch and enjoying bumble bees.

Simple things are often best.

We added a large new shade garden and have a few vegetables and herbs.  We are sharing them with the deer and rabbits.  

Hoping we have enough for all!

I have been doing lots of stitching - quilting and embroidery.

I am enjoying our Facebook stitch along for our new pattern, Fig Leaf and Flowers.   I hope you join us if you haven't already!

It is fun to see the color ways - underway.
Dargate Jellies, red/green, gray/cream, fussy cutting - it is inspiring!

I have a few cross stitch finishes and starts.

I completed this band sampler - chart is a pdf from 
iStitch.  Technically I don't think it's finished as I have to do something with the tip!

I used an old mill spool to roll all 40" of stitching up!
I stitched part 1, 2 and the bonus.

It was fun to stitch;  easy to pickup and put down in short found moments of stitching time. 

I also stitched and finished this La D Da Workbook.

I purchased the kit from Stitchville USA.

It folds open with interior pockets for scissors, thread and needles.  Lovely thread loops and a wool needle page.

I chose a favorite quilters cotton for the lining.

I've been taking some online classes.  
Next week a friend and I start Mabel Tuke with Sassy Jacks.

I chose the 40 count linen in silk.

Looking forward to this class project!

I was thrilled (and a little surprised) to see my little mending bag project on the Fall cover of Piecework magazine.   

It was another fun project - based on a box of vintage fabric pieces I found while antique shopping.

I also wrote a post for their blog that tells a bit more about the project and textiles.  You can subscribe to their blog and have a wonderful hand made themed post in your inbox weekly!

Great fun!!
"Mend and Make Do"

We also learned the bitter sweet news about our Noah and Matilda Exhibit.

It was/is selected to be a special exhibit at Quilt Festival 2020 - That's all up in the air as I write this post.    13 Quilts!
Stay tuned for more on this in a future post!
*Just as I released this - got the cancellation notice*
**stay tuned for virtual option updates**

I am working on finding new homes for a collection of thimbles.

This was a private collector and her sister.

The grandson doesn't want them - but he also wants them to go to good new homes.

Same with the lace - I will be adding to our Etsy shop over the next few weeks!

Happy Stitching!
I hope you are making the best of July!


Link to Fig Leaf and Flowers Fig Leaf
Esty Shop Our Shop


  1. Congratulations on your project making the cover of the magazine. Totally charming. I've subscribed to their newsletter - thanks for the tip!

  2. I received the issue yesterday and already read most of it. I like your project. It looks like there's some really nice thimbles in the pile, I hope they go to a good home. Sadly most vintage/antique thimbles are too small for me to actually use, and I'm not sure I need another collection of sewing items that I can't actually use. But they are lovely... will they be listed on your etsy shop?

    1. So glad you like the project. Be sure to check their blog for the related post.
      Yes, the thimbles will go in the Etsy shop starting this week.
      American sizes 8, 9, 10, 11 Are very popular and often less expensive than new.
      Happy stitching!

  3. love the fig leaf and flowers!

  4. I pretty much expected the Houston show to be cancelled. That and just about everything else. Maybe there will be a show later on that the quilts can be in.

  5. Your stitching is stunning! I have chosen my background for Fig Leaf and Flowers and had intended to start over the weekend but... next weekend for sure! I may start with making a small one with just the center. I need an applique "finish" this summer to boost my spirits. We will see how it progresses.


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