Monday, April 12, 2021

Piecework Summer 2021 Issue and In Process

I have been keeping busy - stitching and writing.

My virtual programs have been fun - allowing me to present to and hear from enthusiasts all over the world.  I have more virtual programs coming up - see the 'virtual programs tab on my blog header.

Pin Ball Grouping
In June I will be presenting at the Penn Dry Goods Event
You can still register for many wonderful programs click HERE.
In July I am doing an event for the Southern Maine Chapter EGA - Private Event
Contact me about doing a program for your group!

I am so happy with the feature in Piecework Magazine 
...about me. (she says blushing)
They make it so easy - each month they feature someone from their contributing community.
The questions and photos allow you to see a bit more of my studio space
and learn more about me.  I have never had anything written about me!
I shared a few smalls from my collection 
as well as some pieces I made.

Also in the Summer 2021 issue is reader Francyne's
sewing roll done from my pattern in a previous issue.
Both issues are available - use the link if you are not a subscriber

Link to Piecework Magazine:  HERE

Another project in the works is dressing some peg dolls.
Two are antique and will be dressed in dutch chintz and accessorized!
The center doll is a Peddler Doll workshop with my embroidery guild 
with Jackie du Plessis
The precious tiny dolls will be part of the accessorizing 
the larger dolls.
Very fine - as in as fine as a human hair - are the black tatted reticule and white doily
hand tatted by Doris Gerard
The tiny dolls were handmade in Spain - shipped just as the 
Pandemic closed things down.

Also for one of Jackie's classes is the pre-stitching for her Etui box.
Looking forward to assembling the box in September!!

For this sampler, Marie Erco
Jackie had us remove and re-weave red threads to 
best simulate the antique linen of the original.

My version of the Dorothy Walpole sampler is also 
nearing a finish!   HERE
It is such a joy to stitch all of the varied stitches.
It's been hard to put down to do other work.
40 count linen - DMC threads

I am also close to a finish of my applique top - 'Fig Leaf and Flowers' quilt
I didn't do the applique in sequence.  I did the center - then the borders.
Now, I am finishing the areas around the center medallion.
Based on a 19th century quilt in our collection - the pattern 
is available for digital download - see blog tab in this header.
Pattern HERE

Also close to a finish is my Karma Quilt
This is based on an antique charm quilt in my collection.
Other than the stunning red path, there are no fabric repeats.
The pattern is free - see the tab on this blog header for details.
See the original and get the free pattern HERE

Happy Stitching!!


  1. Oh my, you have been busy! I have not done any online classes yet. I know I need to get on the bandwagon, but it is difficult to stay tuned to a screen after being on one all day long at work. This too shall pass! So happy to hear you are doing one for the Southern Maine EGA. I am not a member as I don't do enough embroidery to justify it. I have also given up my subscription to Piecework as I was on magazine overload. I will certainly be getting this one. How exciting! I have just started quilting the borders of my "Fig Leaf and Flower" quilt. I adore this quilt. I am seriously considering making another small one in a different colorway. Thanks for all your inspiration.

    1. I know, screen fatigue! I think of it as TV.
      Love all your work and projects - I’m a fan of yours.
      So happy to hear about your Fig Leaf and Flowers quilting!

  2. Those projects in the reds photo are luscious. Dutch crochet band sampler - is Dutch crochet a technique variation (as Tunisian crochet is) or is it a collection of patterns from a Dutch sampler? And finally - WOW the miniature tatting is tiiiiiiiinyyyyyy!!!! Ms Gerard must have an excellent magnifier and lighting setup.

    Cool beans on the Piecework article, one of my favorite magazines that I subscribe to.

    1. The Dutch crochet piece is crochet, pattern by 2 Dutch ladies. Very do-able; like a section of dc shells, a section of popcorn stitch etc. They just started a new one that is filet patterns.
      The tatting is very tiny and she does other very fine, fine work. Amazing talent. I’m honored to have a couple of her pieces.
      So glad you enjoy Piecework. This issue also has an amazing 11 generation sewing box from the 17th century!
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. Wow, Dawn. You continue to add to your vintage collection. Congratulations on being featured in the magazine. It's an honor well deserved.

  4. Are those Hittie dolls? (a simple wooden doll with a story book, Hittie: Her own story)

    1. Here’s some info- pegged wooden dolls
      Hittie is similar but different.

  5. I am always in awe of your collection, your knowledge, your work, and your generous spirit in sharing it all.
    Really love that little Karma Quilt.


Thanks for your comments!