Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Tis The Season

Hazel 6 months old

Seems the holidays have come earlier this year!  We are busier than ever.

Maybe it's the new kitten we adopted? Or maybe, we have adapted the slower pace forced from Covid surges.  

Either way - we are looking forward to new projects and new opportunities in 2022!  Watch this space for more details.

I was pleased with Carol's mention of my social media posts in Issue 146 of Quiltmania.  It was fun to see which thumbnail photos she selected.  It was a complete surprise to me!

More on this issue HERE

There are six other people mentioned as well
as all the content providers in past issues and those
coming up in future issues!

I've been contributing to the Piecework Magazine blog.  There is a wealth of information on the blog with several contributors and numerous topics.  HERE

I've returned to some cross stitch projects.  It adds to the variety in between my quilting projects.
This recent finish is 'Mary Hart' stitched on 52/60 count - an uneven linen using Gloriana variegated silk threads.  Framed in walnut stained tiger maple - she's tiny at 5".  I can hold her in the palm of my hand.
Chart by GigiR - kitted by The Attic, Mesa AZ

My daughter bought her first home and has discovered the joys of gardening.
Her older home has a few apple trees.  We did a joint project, making hard cider.  It's bottled now conditioning with the 'tasting' planned for Thanksgiving.

Hard Cider 

My big push is to finish my Fig Leaf and Flowers quilt this calendar year.
I'm enjoying all the motifs in the quilting; Circles, hearts, feathered wreathes and more!
More photos and pattern HERE
I am planning on a red reproduction print binding

My first event of 2022 is online with the San Francisco School of Needlework.
Registration details are HERE

Thanks for reading!
Have a great November - I hope it includes some stitching time.



  1. Congratulations on being highlighted in Quiltmania. Your stitching is beautiful. I didn't realize that piece was so small.

  2. Oh my your kitten is adorable! I love your sampler, so sweet at 5"! I'd like to do more cross stitch and agree that it would be a nice thing to alternate with quilting. I'm attempting to make the largest quilt I've made to date. Struggling with color choices. I'm a fairly new subscriber, enjoying going through past posts... Jan in MA

  3. Congrats to you! And to Nora on her new home and cider!

  4. Oh how exciting! I can't wait until my issue arrives. I'd like to be more proficient at Instagram, but I need some lessons. I know I am following you, but I just need to go to Instagram more often. I am all signed up for your January webinar. Can't wait to see your face!! I have been quilting every day but just can't seem to get much internet time these days. I did finally finish my mini "Fig Leaf and Flowers" interpretation. I'm hoping to get it into our "in person" show this summer. I'll never forget the night we were all sitting in the living room when we heard a tremendous "pop" and then "pop, pop, pop" coming from the cellar. My poor Dad went down to find that all of his bottled cider had exploded. I'm sure yours will come out beautifully!


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