Friday, June 15, 2012

Little Stars Sharing With Friends

Nine Inch Square - Three Inch Blocks
Three inch blocks - need I say more?


Thank you K for making blocks along with me, so/sew much fun.  Love the old fabric for the backing.

Thank you L for digging into your stash and generously sharing.

Thank you P - Love the brown and madder reproduction prints.

Three Inch Star
I have a vintage doll quilt with 3" blocks - set with sashing I thought about reproducing...

But I own the quilt so it was the jumping off point.  I changed up the fabric era and the setting.

It is hand sewn and hand quilted.

If you want the 3" star pattern I have a quick draft I am happy to share!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Super cute!!! Thanks for sharing!! It is fun to have a cute little project complete! I need to do one of those in the midst of TWQ and TBQ!!

    Have a great weekend! Blessings

  2. I still my heart - - why didn't I buy yards and yards of it??

  3. Cute quilt and great fabrics. I too love those small blocks.

  4. Did the blue fabric with the brown stripes running through it come that way or did you create it? I love the look.

  5. The blue is gorgeous! Such a great little quilt!

  6. So pretty! And so small! Love it!

  7. wow~!~it looks like the real thing~!!~
    wonderful little quilt full of wonderful little stitches~!
    i was wondering the same thing about the alternate blocks that Karen was . . . my guess is that it's a print but i'm just not sure.


  8. Gorgeous little quilt. Love the blue. I heard there's a range with Prussian blues coming in Nov. I will have to a bit of shopping then.

  9. Beautiful - thank you for sharing. You put that blue ombre to really good use. Ady

  10. Love that blue!!!

    Very cute little stars.

  11. very cute little quilt. I've gotten so that a block over 6 or 8 inches just doesn't appeal to me because they seem so big.

  12. It is adorable...and so wee...

  13. Love it! Even better that you will think of your friends when you look at it!

  14. I looove that little quilt! There is something special about small blocks and small quilts. Yours is gorgeous.


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