Saturday, June 9, 2012

Catherine's Garden

Catherine's Garden 
I'm so excited to show you what we've been working on!

Meet 'Catherine's Garden' - our new pattern based on an antique quilt in our collection.

The center has the initials CB and the number 55 quilted in the center.

The dealer told us it is from 1855, and the initials are for Catherine Bucher.  More on the history of this quilt in a future post.

It is entirely hand stitched - the solid yellow background is seamed as fabrics in 1855 were narrow.  The rest of the fabrics are prints; red, green, pink, cheddar and blue.

My friend and I have been working on our reproductions.  She chose Amy Butler 'Banana' solid - a beautiful choice!  We had fun shopping at Fat Quarter's Quilt shop in Vista, CA.
(FYI - they currently offer free shipping if you miss a local shop like I do)

I chose cream solid since I have the yellow one - it will be fun to show the two side by side.  I'll be sharing photos all in a future post.

Would you chose yellow?  cream? something else?
UPDATE:  See the finished reproduction quilt HERE
The pattern is on our Etsy Shop.
Have a great week!


  1. Another winner! You have quite the collection.

  2. This is gorgeous, Dawn!
    The photo makes it look like a soft green background to me, but I think I would love it in yellow.

  3. Beautiful quilt Dawn! I am a cream girl, but the yellow does have a sunny day in the garden.

  4. Thanks for sharing another beauty. I'd probably go with a creamy yellow.

  5. Oh, the Yellow for sure!! But the cream will be lovely - you can't go wrong with a neutral color!! Are you trying to tempt me with another one!!!! This one is sooooooo beautiful!!!!! Looking forward to pics of the progress!!


  6. yes, my moniter is also showing a soft green background. i can only imagine it is lovely in the yellow.
    such a pretty quilt regardless~!


  7. So pretty - you design such amazing patterns! I think I would probably choose cream as well.

  8. I would pick yellow, my favorite color, however cream will be beautiful, too. I saw this quilt in person and it is fabulous.

  9. Such a lovely quilt - would love to see your version. And I'd go with cream - I love it's softness, althjough a soft butter yellow also sounds delicious.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! I would do cream too.

  11. I think I would go with yellow since that is what the original is done in and it is a bit different than other older quilts.

    I like the occasional orange fabrics in there. Due to fading or original color?

    Wonderful quilt - look forward to reading more about it.


  12. A beautiful quilt, Dawn.

    I would pick cream for the background.

  13. Wow! Beautiful! thanks for sharing.


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