Thursday, March 7, 2013

Antique Shopping

I had a great day out antique shopping - thought I would share some pictures.

The pink stripe sashing on this quilt top caught my attention.

The nine patch blocks are in groups of 5 by color, alternating with pink stripe blocks...add pink sashing.

You can never have too many pink stripes!

It is all hand pieced.

This booth had a wonderful mix of transfer ware, lace and sewing treasures.
This pin cushion had some type of metal gasket to attach it to something - rather odd, but a nice brown velvet.
The sewing box is three levels - two level are more common.  Oddly, it only has two thread holes on the side top.  That, along with the gap at the top makes me wonder about inaccurate repairs.

Case goods/small items are fun to look through.

It is like an "I Spy' game
Can you find the:
   Broken clamp?
      Thread box?
            Woven Hair Fob?

Effective use of small transfer ware plates for display.

A mass quantity of carved bone implements.

Sterling handled darners, Sterling glove darners

This case has some nice sterling pieces.

The mother of pearl game pieces were interesting to look through.

I bought the bone pin cushion clamps in the upper left corner.

I also bought a couple quilts, but you have to wait to see those!  I'm writing a separate post on those.

I hope you enjoyed a look at the antique show.
Have a great week!


  1. So essentially, that 9-patch is made of super big double 9-patch blocks. : )
    What fun treasures to sift through. I never see such nice things around here (maybe I don't look in the right places). In the photo that included what you purchased, are those darning eggs on silver handles to the upper right of the box? I've never seen anything like that.
    Can't wait to see the quilts.

  2. The silver handled eggs are darning eggs. The same case has sterling glove darners.

  3. The levels of the sewing box are probably the original. The top level - generally has the thread holes in the front, and in some cases three and four sides. To only have the thread coming out out one side, seems off.

  4. Fabulous!! The only thing better would have been if I had been there with you!!!! I love, love, love that quilt!!! Now i know what I am going to do with some nine patches I pieced and then didn't use!!! Thank you for sharing and I can hardly wait for the quilt reveal! I will definitely be putting a visit with you on my itinerary when we travel "home"! Probably won't be until the fall of 2014, but it would be fun to spend some time with you!!


  5. What treasures! And there are some lovely tatted-edge doilies underneath all the treasures! I could have spent hours looking at all these beauties! I collect darning eggs, but have never seen glove darners! I'll be on the lookout for those now, too! Fun!

  6. I love hitting antique and consignment stores, never know what you will find. Love that quilt, I do love ticking stripes and in pink it is really a nice change.


  7. Always so interesting, esp. the quilt! Do you think the pink stripe was a first choice or not? While we were out of town I got to go to some antique stores and check out the good stuff too. Wish I would have thought to bring my camera.:)

  8. Ooooh, vicarious antique shopping!!! lol! I can never just look at all the little items -- my DH doesn't have the patience. I managed it once when antique shopping with a friend -- so much fun! Loved clicking on the pics for a closer look. Looking forward to seeing the quilts you bought!

  9. Love antique shopping second only to quilting. Looking forward to seeing your quilt purchases. Thanks for sharing with your readers.

  10. Love antique shopping second only to quilting. Looking forward to seeing your quilt purchases. Thanks for sharing with your readers.

  11. Am I understanding correctly that you did not purchase the sewing box. It looks wonderful.

  12. You really should own an antique store, would so suit you. n

  13. Wow, what a wonderful collection of goodies! You always find the most wonderful sewing items - it would be hard not to buy the whole lot!!! Thanks for sharing your great finds!

  14. what a treasure trove of sewing supplies!
    The nine patch is terrific

  15. I could look at your photos for hours. Looks like a great time. Beautiful nine patch.

  16. I love these antiquing trips you take us on - it's like being right there shopping along with you *s*

  17. the lower right hand side look like lace bobbins

  18. I've never seen anything like this while antiquing. Not going to the right places, I guess. Love how everything is labeled. Can't tell - was it just vendor and price or do those little tags say what the item is? I love the pink stripe on the 9-patch top. Looks like the top is in really good condition. I'd love to go shopping with you!

  19. a beautiful nine patch and i do like the use of that simple pink stripe within it. seeing it makes me want to make one like it~!

    what fun to get to see your shopping shots and the boxes are just loaded with all kinds of treasures~!



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