Thursday, February 28, 2013

For The Birds!! Home Dec Fabrics For Quilts

Sharon Kessler Concord Home Dec Baker Bird Floral
Extending your 'quilting' fabric options using home decor fabrics is not new.

It is harder if you buy online, 100% cotton can be heavy, not an ideal quilters weight.  The weight will matter less if you machine quilt.
Some online resources will provide or sell swatches before you buy.

Keep the scale and pattern repeat in mind.

Another consideration is shrinkage.

A Bountiful Life/Civil War Bride/Bird of Paradise
Border Print:  Pat L. Nickols

Check out quilts by Cynthia Collier Quilts.
Each of her quilts is a work of art.

Cynthia has a gift for combining fabrics - quilters, batiks and home decor prints.

Stunning fabric combinations!

See the bird in Cynthia's second row - fourth block?
Waverly Olana on Cream Ground

Cynthia uses fabric to make each block her own.

More Birds - -

The Waverly blue resist is a blend, it is also printed in an outdoor treated version.

I first purchased a half yard and washed it.  I was pleased with the results so I will be using it for backing on this older pillar print.  It is soft enough for hand quilting.

...and more birds...

Birds, fruit, baskets....

I love the beautiful mono-print options.

Polished finish, so this one might not be a candidate for hand quilting.

Then there are the Waverly curtain panels.
You can read more about the "curtain along"      HERE.
Each panel is 50" wide and 84" long.
That's a nice border quantity!

No birds - but a lovely fabric with a nice finish and 'hand'.

I personally think it is too light weight for curtains, and unlined too!

...OK, one last bird...
Jewel Tower by Waverly

This is another bird print from Waverly.

It is available in yellow, blue and red colorways.

Thanks for your inquiries on the valance fabric, you will find several links at the bottom of this post.
No decisions on the left over bird fabric and a quilt project...I have a lot of birds to decide on!
Have a great week.

Check your local quilt shop too, mine has home dec on rolls
Baker Bird Floral  HERE
Waverly Curtain Panels HERE
Olana Birds on Blue HERE  Cream HERE
Blue Resist RAYON Blend HERE
Jewel Tower Print HERE
Quilt Pattern:  A Bountiful Life, Bird of Paradise, Civil War Bride


  1. Cynthia's quilt is incredible!
    You've opened my eyes to some new fabric options--and they are lovely!

  2. using these fabrics does extend our options as quilters and Cynthia certainly has done a great job of that.
    thank you for pointing out the various issues to think about if making this choice.
    i know that for me the weight is definately something to think about in regards to needling by hand.


  3. I've been wanting to get some beautiful fabrics for a quilt. This post is trouble for my pocketbook. lol! Gorgeous!

  4. Waverly does make beautiful fabrics!

  5. Those are beautiful examples of home fabrics to use in quilting. I always keep my eyes open in the larger stores for fabrics I can use as borders or backgrounds.


  6. Thank you for posting my Civil War Bride quilt, Dawn! I really had a lot of fun making this quilt and Pat's border reproduction made the perfect focus fabric. I love using lighter weight home furnishing fabrics in my quilts and would only suggest to those giving it a try to be sure and prewash their fabric choices. Whether you are working by hand or machine you need to get rid of that stiff sizing. What great links to more treasures, thank you. I think I need those peacocks for sure!

    Thank you for the nice comments everyone!

  7. Such scrumptious fabric, thank you for this interesting post.

  8. So now we know! Some of the more interesting fabric of this sort is decorator fabric! I will have to keep that in mind for the future.:)

  9. Lovely fabrics! I used decorator fabric for a backing once, and it made the quilt so heavy - good thing it was machine quilted!


Thanks for your comments!