Saturday, February 2, 2013

Trip Around The World

Sewing boxes with trays and sewing items.
Vibrant original paper linings and painted trim.
I bought a new to me quilt - Trip Around the World.   The colors work perfectly with some of my other antique and reproduction quilts.
The vibrant colors also work well with some of my antique sewing boxes and needlework accessories.
Someone asked why there were mirrors in the lids of old sewing boxes.  I have read that a sewing box was the ladies domain and she kept her personal items with her sewing.  It was her private place.
Fully outfitted boxes contain toiletry bottles and brushes.  Many sewing items have sentiments engraved or embroidered.  Some lids are designed to hold letters.

Trip Around The World 87" Square

This is the quilt on my foyer floor.

It is entirely hand stitched; piecing, quilting and binding.  All cream thread.  Each square is 1.5" finished, and each is quilted along every seam.
That's 2,500 outlined squares!

Triple Border is quilted in an interesting X shaped non-touching motif.
The back is 22" wide pieced, in a purple/gold/cream ground print.

There are solid and print fabrics in the piecing.

Catherine's Pin Cushion
Silk, Ribbons, lace on a wired glass bead frame

This is a silk pin cushion 'pillow' sits in a beaded wire frame base.  The dealer I bought it from said it was from Catherine's estate so I thought it only fitting I keep it with the quilt.

Perhaps yellow was her favorite color since the quilt and pin cushion are predominately yellow.
The significance of the color yellow has many meanings depending on the era and religous beliefs...I can only speculate it was a good thing for Catherine.

What's in your sewing box?
A treasured picture?  Love notes? Chocolate?

Have a great week!


  1. Lovely quilt, and I love the sewing boxes too. It's always so interesting to learn about these treasures from the past.

  2. Your TATW quilt is very dynamic! Love how bold it is.

  3. What a beautiful, vibrant quilt. It looks like you found another treasure! My different sewing boxes hold only sewing stuff - guess I'm a little boring. I may have to stash some goodies in there now.

  4. What a fabulous quilt!. Nothing other than sewing supplies in my various sewing boxes, bowls and bags!

  5. I don't have a sewing box. I think it would have to be of good size to hold all I would want it to hold.

    The quilt has vibrant colors. I made a quilt early on that was Trip Around the World. I didn't know how to properly use a rotary cutter. My mother brought home the fabric from a trip to visit her sister and a quilt we were going to copy. We made cardboard squares and rotary cut around those. Had to keep making new ones as the rotary cutter would slice off the cardboard. It is a wonder the quilt turned out.

  6. That is a stunning quilt! Where do you find all of your treasures? I went through two antiques malls today and nothing tempted me except a little metal doll bed frame. But when I saw they wanted over $200 for it, I left empty handed.

  7. Superb quilt - the colours make it something special.
    Every Stitch

  8. Dawn, what a quilt. The maker must have had a lot of patience to assemble it all by hand. It's a great find.

  9. As usual you have found a gorgeous quilt and the sewing boxes are one of kind. I don't have any old sewing boxes. I have a basket from Jim's Grandmother that holds lots and lots of buttons.

  10. Your newest quilt is so beautiful and looks as bright as the day it was finished. What a great addition.

  11. The quilt is gorgeous! And looks in pristine condition! Wonderful! And what a sweet pincushion....I'm glad you got it! My sewing boxes usually have gum in them, too! Oh, and also lactose pills, just in case there are snacks nearby! lol

  12. Love that quilt and those beautiful! What's in my box? Cough drops, tiny thread trash, jeans fixing patch, and of course needle, thread, scissors and some fabric to stitch...nothing fun like chocolate!! Thanks for the idea!!

  13. Love the new quilt. I don't actually have a sewing box yet, but I have a tote and someone once said it was a walking quilt shop.

  14. Beautiful quilt Dawn! Is that one you got at the auction?

  15. Which sewing box?!!! LOL - mostly sewing stuff and a lot of loose threads!!!

    Your new quilt is so lovely - again another wonderful treasure!!

    Of course the pin cushion must go with Catherine - it is only fitting!

    Always love your posts!!


  16. Gorgeous quilt, lovely bright colours and a favourite pattern of mine.

  17. The colors in the TATW are so vibrant and the prints are so wonderful. What a find.

    Mirrors in the sewing boxes...I wonder if it also helped to see what you had in there from certain angles without having to pick it up. Interesting sewing items.


  18. Great find Dawn. I love the crisp look of the solids!
    I do have emergency chocolate and a tootsie pop in my basket :)

  19. That is a gorgeous quilt--looks in absolutely top condition. Great choice! I have no sewing box that contains any treasures, but agree that was a private domain in the past. I've wanted one of those sewing birds since I saw a feature article on them in a quilt magazine--that would be a treasure to me :)

  20. that really is one breathtaking quilt~! and those sewing boxes are quite beautiful as well.
    hhmmmm . . . i keep the obvious sewing supplies in my sewing baskets/boxes (i have a to go one as well as a couple of others around the house) and i always have a tube of chapstick in with my supplies because i hate to have dry lips. i keep a pair of glasses in each one and at times i have had chocolate in there too.
    what do you keep in your sewing box?


  21. Love your newest finds, and always enjoy the historical sewing items you include! The trip around the world quilt is a beauty. I keep my sewing things in assorted metal tins, and all kinds of ephemera is in there such as movie ticket stubs, etc. Walker Shortbread tins are my favorite.


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