Saturday, February 23, 2013

Clamp Sewing Box

Continuing with the sewing boxes...

This is my sewing clamp pin cushion with a drawer.
It clamps to a table edge securing all contents.

Pins were hand made and expensive in the 19th century.

The burl veneer finish is beautiful.  Both functional and pretty it could be kept out and sometimes used for 'show'.

I think the small brass knob is original.

The drawer could hold threads, waxers, emeries and personal items.  The drawer has dove tail construction.

The pin cushion cover was removed by a previous owner exposing the 'interlining' separating the filling material from the top fabric.  Common fillings are horse hair and saw dust.

I have chosen not to alter it further with a new top.

The sterling sewing etui is a holly/berry pattern.
Pieces include:
   Scissors, thimble, needle case, bodkin and stiletto

I've been sewing for the house - this is the fabric for the valances in the kitchen.  Glad to have that project done!  Got to love friends who have such great taste in fabrics.

How interesting I ordered so much - I have yardage left for quilting.  Funny how that happens.  It is the perfect weight.

Some quilting happening too - exciting new things I will share soon.

Have a great week - do you have a favorite pin cushion?
Maybe a better question is, how many pin cushions are you using?


  1. Very unusual sewing box Dawn, I'm probably using about four different pin cushions but all I'm afraid only a few years old
    That fabric is gorgeous -smart girl ordering to much:-)

  2. That is a beautiful piece, love going to consignments and looking for goodies.


  3. What a cool box, Dawn! Love the burl.
    And that beautiful little etui--how lovely.
    Will you show a photo of the valances you made from that wonderful fabric?
    I only owned a magnetic pin holder until about a year ago. I have been buying and making them since then. Currently have 6 or 8 scattered here and there with pins in them. : )

  4. You have some of the most wonderful sewing tools!! O love seeing them every time you post. I love the fabric you used for your curtains - very nice.

  5. You have some of the most wonderful sewing tools!! O love seeing them every time you post. I love the fabric you used for your curtains - very nice.

  6. The bird on the fabric is beautiful. I like the colors.

    Your sewing box collection is to be envied. I never see things like that in antique shops. They must be few and far between.

  7. Great minds think alike - I just picked up some fabric to make a valance for the master bedroom . . . . it's about time *s*

    My favorite pincushion is one that I made in Camp Fire Girls - probably as a Mother's Day gift. A large styrofoam egg cut in half (the other half used by another girl) then wrapped in 'that' yarn so popular in the 60's for hair bows and crafts alike. A lovely golden color which turns my foam into a bee hive with a little sprig of artificial flowers glued to the top. My mom used that thing for years. It still has her pins and whatnots stuck all over it *s*

  8. Neatest sewing item ever!!! Need a craftsman to create. Oh be still my heart. Thank you so much for this interesting and totally practical item.

    Look forward to the quilting with the great fabric.

  9. Oh my gosh, that fabric!!!!! Gorgeous! Good for you for buying extra. Have to use that in a quilt! Love that sewing box. I have a collection of pin cushions, but truth to tell, I'm not using any right now. I think I need to though. I was just thinking I needed to get one out. :D

  10. What wonderful fabric. Beautiful. Have you been sewing?

  11. the maker and user of this sewing box were smart making it so that it wouldn't get bumped off of a table. it's a pretty fabulous piece of needleart history~!

    i have quite a few pincushions, some of which i just enjoy as decorative items. my most used and enjoyed pin cushion was made by a very good friend out of small pieces of her own handwoven fabrics mixed with fabrics that she salvaged from her husbands dress shirts. it's made in the shape of a mouse and has great big three dimensional ears and a very long tail. i was just thinking the other day that it's beginning to look a bit more like a porcupine than a mouse with all of the pins and needles sticking out of it all over~! i suppose in times past, with pins/needles being made by hand, it might have been worth a fortune ~ lol.

    the fabric that you used in your kitchen is quite elegant. will you have enough to make borders or maybe a quilt backing? with the print being large it would work well for that.


  12. What a neat box, so useful with the pin cushion top and the drawer and I love the wood. The sewing set is really beautiful. I have pin cushions everywhere in my sewing room - by my machine, by the iron, by my stitching chair...and a few others just because I like them! Love the fabric you used for the valances, it's just a darn shame you had leftovers!!

  13. A very interest pin cushion and sewing drawer and I really love the etui. I am addicted to collecting pin cushions and while I keep some for decorative purposes I also use a lot and have them scattered everywhere. Pin cushions make wonderful gifts for stitchers. Take care.

  14. You have such a great collection of antique sewing notions! Thank you for sharing them with us. Ady

  15. You chose such a beautiful fabric for the valences! Picture of finished project to follow?

  16. I'm currently using an oldish tomato pin keep, it has a hole and is leaking all over my machine cabinet. I have a bird on a tuffet in progress, got to the stuffing stage and stopped, need to finish it and retire that old tomato! That is seriously lovely fabric, can you share what it is?

  17. I am terribly jealous. I have been looking out for a pin cushion clamp for ages and now I want one with a box too.

    Beautiful fabric.

  18. Very interesting and unusual sewing box. I love the fabric for the valences.

  19. The fabric you are using for your valances is just gorgeous! Always love seeing your antique sewing implements. I keep my pins in small metal tins or use one of my transferware bone dishes to hold them.

  20. I'd love to see your collection in person!
    That fabric is beautiful - I can imagine it dressing up kitchen windows.
    I only have one pin cushion. It's just a Mary Engelbreit teapot shaped cushion. My sister gave it to me. I do have a cross stitched pin cushion in the works but I haven't touched it in a while.


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