Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Graduation Quilt Progress

Not the final setting
I am making progress on the graduation gift quilt.

I was able to work in some additional fabrics that have personal meaning.  Prints include cats, ducks, turtles, garlic and grapes.  Very fun to step out of my usual reproduction choices and think of my recipient.

The long piece on the left is a bicycle wheel print I am thinking about for binding.

I think if I can make at least 12 blocks a week I think I can get it in the quilt frame before the snow hits!  That's the goal anyway.  I think all these colors and prints will be wonderful to look at as I quilt this winter.

I have so many floral prints in my stash it has been a challenge to find some masculine prints.  I'm digging deep in the stripes!

Velma in her play tunnel

Velma is a very happy quilting buddy.

She's not allowed in the sewing room because she is a thread chewer!  I wish she could join me for sewing sessions, but for now we have to be content with lap sitting as I hand stitch.

Thank you for your encouragement!
Have a great week stitching.


  1. I enlarged the photo for a closeup of your blocks. This is so clever the way you have a variety of actual pieced designs, but they all end up a hexagon. Some great fussy-cuts here. Looks like a lot of work. How large are you making this one?

  2. I found the garlic fun!

  3. It has such personality - and you are clearly having great fun with it! Love some of your fussy cutting. Velma is a sweety :)

  4. This is gorgeous! I do love it so. The bicycle fabric you are auditioning looks great too! lol about Velma. Oh dear. Mia has learned from her kitten stage not to play with mommy's threads or yarns. :D

  5. Your blocks are looking wonderful, it's fun that you are including novelty prints. Velma is so cute in her tunnel, I can well believe she'd have a great time playing in your sewing room!

  6. It's masculine, but not too much so. I think the hexagon shapes help soften it somehow. If you want I can search my stash and see if anything might work for you. This is for your son, right? so maybe you want to keep it from just your stash. You certainly are finding some gems and I love the fussy cutting.

  7. What an amazing quilt so far - love all of your fabrics. I am chuckling at Velma in her "tube". We have one of those too, and I always tell Callie to get in her tube - she runs and makes it slide across the living room. Hope Velma gets over her thread chewing - she needs to be a sewing room kitty!

  8. looking good! Velma is so cute - she obviously loves her play tunnel ;)

  9. Your quilting is looking good and so far staying very masculine looking.
    What a fun tube for Velma to stay busy in.

  10. It is beautiful. Great progress if you ask me. I love the stars! Sew on!

  11. This is going to be absolutely divine!


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