Saturday, November 1, 2014

Noah and Matilda Month 11

Month eleven includes three patterns.  Next month we are back to four.  As with other months, there is no shortage of fun and a bit of challenge.

This block is ideal to ink your name and date - or  quilt your name and date in the center.

I chose to mix prints and solids, and not make the use of prints symmetrical.  I am trying to exercise constraint selecting my fabrics.  I tend to avoid solids.  Using them in this project was good for me.

All of the blocks were completed using back basting.

This block looks symbolic to me.
I find it interesting the maker has the top stars sitting on the larger center shape.

Have you ever seen this block or shape?

I completed mine using back basting.  It went together quite quickly and I am pleased with the results.

Have I mentioned how much I love these blocks?

Have you seen a block like this one?

Another beauty, floral looking.
I did it all with back basting.  At first I thought it looked hard.  I tackled it piece by piece and enjoyed every stitch.

Again, I chose to mix solids and prints.

You will find the block sets HERE.
All eleven sets are still available.  We have new quilters starting each month.

I think Matilda was very creative!

Have a great week.


  1. Great looking blocks. I have used prints also.

  2. I love these 3 blocks! I can't resist flowers or stars :0) I am so enjoying following along with this project! This morning I have been considering back basting for a difficult applique shape for a current project. It's not an applique method I have used much but your applique is perfection - I want to get better with it.

  3. Great blocks Dawn, I really like all the different fabrics working together.
    Maybe Noah was the creative one LOL!

  4. Your blocks are gorgeous, I really want to start doing appliqué again and taking the time to do it right.


  5. I like that you've chosen 3 very different blocks, and each one such interesting and beautifyl designs. Your choice of fabrics are always spot on!

  6. One of these days I'll get back to applique. Maybe. lol! If I do, I want to do your Calico Paradise quilt -- that's still my favorite! These blocks are gorgeous too, of course....

  7. I think Matilda was very creative too. Lovely work on these interesting blocks. Maybe there were her very own design.(?)

  8. And I think you are very creative! Beautiful work!

  9. Beautiful blocks Dawn - and I love the mix of prints and plains! The last block is a great design - looks like a form of rose to me. There are some similar in Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of applique called the Harrison Rose?

  10. I love this month's blocks. Thank you for posting photos of your blocks. Beautiful work, Dawn! At first glance, the pattern for the last block looked quite a challenge!! Now I have seen your block it looks a little less daunting!
    I have used one plain red and one plain green with all my prints in my blocks.

  11. More great blocks! Wish I could say that I'm making them along with you, but I AM enjoying seeing all of your beautiful work!

  12. great blocks. I love the mix of prints and solids too! lovely applique' as usual -

  13. These are great blocks for this month. I should stop playing on my iPad and get going!

  14. Love your blocks dawn. I usually do not like using plain fabrics but I like yours Great green

  15. I think the colors you chose are so beautiful together. I especially like the third block. Those little circles with the yellow spots look like sparkling gems.

  16. I really like that third block. Never seen one like it or the second block. Love the mix of solids and prints.


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