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Noah and Matilda Month 12

Not the final setting, borders for all four sides
Piecing together Noah and Matilda's life is still a work in progress.  Each time I find a verifiable primary source, a new question comes to mind.  With a large family and a 217 year span - there is a lot of important information to cover.  There's also the curiosity factor.  When I found they lost a grand daughter and daughter in law, curiosity led me the the smallpox and typhoid outbreaks in the 1860's.

I've included my draft notes below for anyone also doing the genealogy to compare notes.  Feedback welcome!  (deb3891 - where are you?)  My local genealogy group finds it very interesting someone would spend time researching a family based on a textile.  I think it is a good topic for a future meeting presentation.

The last pattern set is posted - the complete pattern is now available.  All 12 pattern sets are posted HERE.  We've been asked about paper patterns and plan to have those available in January.  We have enjoyed all of your enthusiasm and support with this project.

Have a fantastic week!

For those of you following the family story behind the quilt:
DRAFT:  Chronological Timeline BOYCE
YEAR Event Comments  Questions Source
1790 William (b1760-70?) and Abby settle in Lytle's Fork, Scott Co KY - From Delaware Where in Delaware?
1797 July 16 Matilda Miles Toadvine Born Where was she born?  Parents?
1798 January 15 Noah born in Scott Co KY Manoah?
1810 National Census - Family still in Scott Ky
1820 National Census - Family still in Scott Ky
1821 Noah and Matilda Married July 20 Harrison County KY Marriage bond signed by Charles Miles?  
1823 William Boyce helped establish Methodist Society of Christian's in Lytle's Fork Scott County KY Noah's father
1822 or 1823  Abbey W born to Noah and Matilda Listed in 1860 and 1870 Census in Morgan CO IL    FIND HER BIRTH CERT
1823 Morgan County IL Formed County Website
1829 Thomas Taylor born to Noah and Matilda in Scott County KY
1832 Daniel Durbin Boyce born to Noah and Matilda In Scott CO KY? Durbin - name of French Origin
1835 Noah and son Thomas move to Morgan Co IL Thomas was six years old?  1850 census Thomas was listed as 21
1835 Angeline  1850 census lists Angeline and Eveline both as 15 yr olds in household
1835 Evaline C born to Noah and Matilda June 15, Morgan County IL ? Matilda was not able to travel w Noah in 1835 due to pregnancy?
1836 William H. Boyce 8/15 1836-11/5 1896 Need birth record and census records
1839 daughter Abby marries Logan Brown August 10 Morgan Co Ill Abby was about 16 years old.     1860 & 1870 Census they are together
1839 Margaret Ann born to Noah and Matilda, Matilda is 42 years old  Daughter Ann is listed in 1850 census as 11 yr old in household
1839 William and Abby move to Illinois
1840 Population of Morgan County IL 19,547
1845 Amelia (Millie) R Boyce marries Christian Spigel, 16 June - Morgan County IL Need her birth record
1850 William H Boyce born to ? Noah and Matilda    unlikely, see 1836 Proof he was their son?  Birth record? Parents age given this DOB William H Boyce 1850-1925  Wife Maria Sophronia Stafford Boyce (1851 - 1944)  Children  Emma Frances Boyce (1878 - 1881), Callie E Snodgrass Dill (1876-1950), Minnie 1877
1851 30th Wedding Anniversary of Noah and Matilda Boyce.  She was 54 Yrs old, Noah was 53
1856 Approx wedding year Danial and Sarah Need marriage record 55/56/57?
1861 Elizabeth S. Boyce(9-57/2-61), daughter of Daniel and Sarah dies at age 3yrs 5m Buried in Fairview cemetery Harrison County MO
1863 Daniel's first wife, Sarah C. Maddox Boyce (1834-1863) dies Buried in Fairview cemetery Harrison County MO
1888 History of Harrison County MO includes Daniel Durbin Boyce


  1. That is a gorgeous quilt, you really did a beautiful job on it.


  2. Thanks for including the genelogy again. 4 blocks to go! The blocks look awesome all together. It's been a fun project.

  3. You've collected so much information. I think it is really neat that you are doing this. The blocks look great!

  4. This is just marvelous. I haven't been sewing along, but I certainly have enjoyed following the journey!

  5. I'm impressed with all you have learned about Noah and Matilda's family!

  6. The blocks look wonderful all laid out. It's so interesting to read the history. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all your questions are answered one day, I really hope they are.

  7. So interesting to see the geneology along with the beautiful blocks! :)

  8. Thanks for a lovely quilt Dawn. I especially enjoy reading the history of the family

  9. I can hardly wait to see mine finished!!

  10. What a fun quilt and research project!


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