Sunday, December 14, 2014

Illuminated Indigo and Cheddar Stars

More square than it looks!  12" in fact
This Little quilt was inspired by a group of friends this summer.

We were together for quilt study and fun.  As we looked at quilts in J's collection - we were challenged to make a small reproduction version of one quilt in particular.

The illuminated indigo and cheddar stars glow with the light of summer sunshine.  The original quilt is glorious with glazed chintz in the center of the stars.

Who could resist?

Not I!

This is a picture of the antique original with one of the little reproduction quilts.

While we were not able to come up with just the right stripe, we did capture the essence of the quilt.

The little reproductions are machine pieced 4" stars, set with an alternate block.  The pieces are hand quilted.

They serve as a wonderful memory of good times spent with friends, enjoying quilts and conversation.  I think I will add all of our names on the tag to commemorate the summer of 2014!

We had hoped to find a stripe similar to the original, but this print was the end choice.  Sometimes you go with what you have!

These are the stars auditioning for their new home.

It doesn't take long to make five machine pieced stars.  That's is part of the fun of a simple little quilt.

Let the fabric add the drama.

The backing was an exciting choice.  The original has vegetable dyed brown linen.

My friend graciously and generously dyed linen for backing.  Our first attempt was with coffee as dye and didn't achieve the look we wanted.  Isn't this great?  It looks just like antique vegetable dye.

Here you can also see the blue thread - yes, the antique is quilted in blue thread!  However, it is a double line fan.  The little quilts are a single line fan.

The binding on the original is a wonderful eccentric indigo print.  We used a licensed Andover reproduction from The International Quilt Study Center.

Fussy cutting this from the stripe, captured the eccentric print perfectly.

I am very happy with how this little piece turned out.

I did wake up Velma to let her know the hand quilting was finished.

She was interested, but then went back to her nap.

I suspect she might like a nap on this little quilt if it ever comes off the wall.

We are enjoying some light snow today - and some stitching - maybe you are too?


  1. Beautiful quilt, love the fabrics and contrasting colors.


  2. I am loving this little glowing quilt, Dawn! May have to make one myself, someday. Thanks for the details and the comparison with the original.
    And Velma was a good sport to pose. : )

  3. My favorite combo. Cheddar and indigo. A++

  4. Stitching yes, snow no. Thank goodness!

  5. Thanks for sharing your little quilt Dawn. I love how you were able to replicate in the spirit of the original quilt. Another little treausre to remember happy times with friends.

  6. Ohhh a little mini inspired by an antique quilt!! What a fun idea!! Yours is gorgeous, love the colours!! And I love the photo of your little quilt with the inspiration quilt.

  7. Cheddar and blue sing such a lovely song together. I think you have perfectly captured the feel of the original. Your little quilt is darling and I love that you hand quilted it in the same pattern as the original :0)

  8. I like the blue fabric with the cheddar design on it. A fun challenge for people of like mind. Is it hard to quilt through the linen?

  9. Love this quilt, also the original. I think it's all the more special that you and your friends did it together. Lovely!

  10. What fun! So fun to see the original too. I am much more impressed than Velma seems to be!

  11. I love this idea - a group of friends each making a miniature version of an antique quilt. It's stunning and certainly matches the beauty of the original.
    Velma looks so serious!

  12. Absolutely beautiful! We have a special antique exhibition at our annual state show and our 2016 exhibit will be small quilts made from an antique original. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. I don't know, it looks to me like Velma is not too happy to be woken up. But both quilts are charming, the cheddar and indigo is a combination worth repeating!

  14. Dawn the reproduction is beautiful and I think you captured the antique very well. I love the combination of indigo and cheddar.

  15. What a lovely color combo! Good work on your dyed piece. I tried tea dying once, but wasn't too thrilled with the results.

  16. I love your reproduction a lot. Its fun to have a quilt that reminds you of being with friends.

  17. What a great little quilt. I love the binding choice it looks great. Wonderful fan quilting too!

  18. I love it!!! Velma looks really excited too!

  19. Velma is too cute! Love the expression on her face. Even if she's not too impressed, I am! I really like this little version and the fabrics you've chosen. Good job!

  20. Love your little quilt! That alternate fabric is luscious and perfect.....thought I had some, but mine is a bit different! Wendy and I are doing an exhibit of small quilts inspired by antique quilts at MaineQuilts2016,,,,,,,,yours is a perfect example of what we are attempting to achieve!!


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