Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tree of Life Quilt

When I read Audrey's post about her Tree of Life quilt, it motivated me to get mine out.

It was time anyway with our windy and cold weather.  This is a quilt that is used most winters.

I love this pattern!  Another reason why Audrey's quilt resonated with me.

Mine is scrappy green and brown prints in the leaves,  A variety of brown prints for the trunks.
Machine pieced and machine quilted by me.

If I were to remake it I think the alternate squares would be a red print.

Here is a closeup of a block.  You can see the prints I mixed in.  The machine quilting is so-so.  All cotton Aurofil thread and Blue Ribbon batting.

I enjoy using a quilt and I can see all the reproduction prints.
I also like the touches of blue, red, pink mixing with the green.

That's 30 HSTs x 16 block = 480 HSTs  Not bad.
I paper pieced them by the sheet.

Several washing later I think about maybe not using it, but I think it is OK to wear some of these out.  I machine wash and dry it on gentle at the end of the winter season.

"Cat in The Woods"

Excuse the poor photo - with my helper these days I have to move quickly.
Quilts become napping spots in a matter of seconds.

It is wonderful to hand stitch with her curled up in my lap.  We keep each other warm.

The back is a green bird toile reporduction print.
After all, there are never too many birds in the trees.

Staged photo from book

This is the antique inspiration quilt from the book.

Beautiful display.  You can see why I was inspired to use pink in the alternate blocks.

I really like the plaid tree trunks.  I used a few plaids in mine, but never enough!  Great touches of red.

You can also see the straight line quilting in this example.

All the antique accessories and bed add so much.

Book Cover

This is the book:
Leisure Arts Presents
Big Book of 
Best Loved
Quilt Patterns

Old, but good!
There are so many freat used books at guild and museum sales.

Happy stitching,

I hope you enjoyed The Tree of Life


  1. Oh, Dawn, I love your tree quilt. I have been watching Audrey growing her trees. A lot of triangles.

  2. Love your charming Tree of Life quilt! The scrappiness is just wonderful. I never thought I'd want to make one, but it has definitely been speaking to me lately.:)

  3. Your quilt is beautiful Dawn - soft and vintage! A tree of life is on my 'one day' list :)

  4. I think your Tree of Life quilt looks wonderful! I love the pink print you have set it with. I think it is lovely to use and enjoy the quilts we have made. Audrey's project has had me thinking too lately - Tree of Life has been on my bucket list for a long time. I love the one from your book as well :0)

  5. That is a wonderful quilt--and I like your clever word play. "Cat in the Woods" and "never too many birds in the trees". : )
    That is a lot of HSTs! I would have to take that one block at a time and not think about the total!

  6. What a beautiful quilt! Thank you for sharing it with us. I really like the pink, it makes it such a soft pretty quilt, plus it means red is an option is you get tempted to make another. I love the 'cat in the woods' photo, lol.

  7. The scrappy leaves are so much nicer than the 'one colour' ones. Summer has come early and I have moved from doona to a quilt on the bed. I use them more in the Summer.

  8. Thank you for sharing. I sure did enjoy seeing your Tree of Life quilt and I fell in love in the woods! Maybe one day I'll be comfortable enough with HST to make one like that... maybe just one square to make a pillow lol. Great work. Love it.

  9. Your quilt is warm, soft and vintage inspired. Love your inspiration. It's one of those designs that everyone loves.

  10. I love tree of life quilts! Yours is absolutely gorgeous! Such soft colors, so so beautiful! I'm drooling -- sigh. Do you have problems with kitty clawing your quilts? Miss Mia does that. I can't use quilts on my bed anymore. :(

  11. Thanks for sharing this great quilt. I have been following Audrey’’s progress.
    It’s fun to watch others make the quilts you love but don’t have time to do yourself.

  12. Super quilt.... This is one of those blocks that I love but have not had the courage to make. I really like the scrappiness of the leaves and the plaid trunks! Nice, very nice!

  13. Another gorgeous quilt - love it! Glad to see that it's Velma-approved!

  14. Marvelous Tree of Life quilt! Yours look so warm and inviting and beautifully done. We have 3 furry helpers (shelties) and their main mission in life is shed lots of fur and hunt for my leather thimbles. Oh and we go through lots of sticky rollers....but can't imagine a home with our critters.

  15. Love your Tree of Life quilt! Contains two favorites: scrappiness and hst's!!!

  16. What a classical quilt. What year did you make this? The old ones are good ones aren't they?
    Sweet kittie :)
    I do love the antique one with the pink (it's such a weakness with me)

  17. Oh, I love this quilt. Such a soft, comfortable look. This tree of life is now on my to do list thanks to you and Audrey! Those old books are great - I pick them up when I can find them.

  18. One of my favourite patterns although I've never made one. I really admire yours. It resonates. I think the pink is perfect as the alternate block. What sort of red were you thinking of? It is an inspiring quilt. I like your post.


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