Monday, July 6, 2015

New Book In War Time: A Study of Civil War Era Quilts 1850-1865

Book - Front Cover 

If you love antique quilts, there is a new book you will want in your library.

In War Time:  A Study of Civil War Quilts 1850-1865
By the American Quilt Study Group

The book contains 50 quilts from the study, 25 of which are traveling the country for four years.  The traveling quilts are currently at the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell.

Copies are available at most exhibit venues and on Amazon HERE.  The book was published by AQSG and all proceeds benefit the organization.  The study involved no 'prizes' - everything for the project is donated and benefits AQSG.

My quilt in the book

I was fortunate to be able to see all 50 quilts in the opening exhibition last year in Milwaukee.  I've written about my entry before.  To see those posts, click HERE.
I am hoping that any of you who visit the exhibit in Lowell will email me photos for my scrap book.

The book is filled with 100's of color photos and history.

Each entrant is required to have written permission from the owner of the antique quilt.  There are also size constraints and selection criteria for consideration.

You can read the new entry requirements for 2016 HERE.

It is my pleasure to know so many of the study quilt makers personally and share our passion for quilts and quilt history.

I hope you add a copy of the book to your quilt history library and have a chance to see the exhibit.

Have a great week,  Dawn


  1. Looks like a great book, thank you for the tip!

  2. Your quilt sure looks good in the book! It looks like a very interesting book :0)

  3. Great recommendation. Where else are the quilts being shown?

  4. Here's a link to the travel schedule.

  5. How exciting to see your quilt in the book. Love the description of your process. You were thorough in your replication. Love it!
    I got so caught up in viewing the quilts in the link above that I forgot I hadn't commented. : )

  6. One of our quilt study group members brought this to last weeks meeting - it is a wonderful book!!

  7. A bright spot from my time on MA was visiting the quilt museum with a blogging buddy. What a memorable day!

  8. Your quilt is beautiful Dawn! Congratulations for being a part of this terrific publication!

    The book is beautiful! Gorgeous photography and wonderfully written. In addition to reading the history behind the original quilts, I enjoyed learning about the Reproduction quilts and the insights and affections shared by the women that stitched them.

  9. My book is supposed to come today and I am looking forward to seeing all the great quilts and reading about the history behind them.

  10. So cool! I can't wait until this exhibit is in Virginia. Looks like a must have book.

  11. My goodness Dawn, you are right up there with quilting mavens. Thanks for the tip off regarding this book. I am going to look for it now.

  12. Thanks for the book reviews - I need both of them of course! How great that you got to see the quilts in person!


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