Monday, March 14, 2016

Featured Quilter Deanna w SVBAQ Update

Deanna is one of the many talented stitchers participating in the Shenandoah Valley Botanical Album Sew Along (SVBAQ).

She's agreed to share some of her quilting world with us.
So many of us love to the sewing spaces of our quilting friends.  She's welcoming us in!

This is Deanna's start on the SVBAQ blocks.
The Liberty Tree is in process now.
She's using French General fabrics.
Back Basting is her go-to appliqué technique
Her blocks will finish at 16"
She will be hand quilting her project and is planning to make all of the blocks.
She chose this project because she loves Esther's design and it will be a beautiful addition to her home.

Deanna's Sewing space is beautiful.

She's also lucky, she never sews alone.
Her lovely side kick Teddy keeps her company.
Isn't he precious?

You can see she is very organized.

In addition to a practical space, Deanna adds designer touches throughout her home.

A closeup of the shelf gives a few clues to some of Deanna's loves.

Rabbits and Bunnies

Displays featuring sewing treasures

The pin cushions are made by Deanna, she also generously gifts them.

Little quilts and lace - all so pretty

So what kinds of projects come from this special place?

There are piecing and appliqué projects.

The basket top is from Blackbird Designs - Cold Wind Blows book.  Hand Appliqué, machine pieced.

The Baltimore Album block is an Elly Sienkiewicz design.
She has 10 blocks finished, all and appliqué.

The Irish Chain top is a recent finish from Aunt Reen's Big Leap Sew Along.  Machine pieced, using Doreen's instructions.  Deanna is considering machine quilting it on her new Bernina Santa delivered.

Deanna also does hand embroidery, including: crazy quilting, rework and counted cross stitch.

The tiny thimble purse is, 'Tree of Life Purse' by Brenda Gervais.

The sampler is, 'Rose Motif Sampler' by JBW Designs
Framed in an antique frame.

Hand Applique, Hand Quilted
Finished Size:  47" x 43"

I asked Deanna what her favorite project has been. Hard question!  Could you chose one?

She chose her La Petite Pomegranate, an AQSG 2014 Study Project.  This quilt is part of a traveling exhibit touring the country for four years.
The full quilt and the original (also owned by Deanna), can be seen in the book, "In War Time: A Study of Civil War Era Quilts" By the American Quilt Study Group.


For the SVBAQ mid month link up, My Liberty Tree.
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SVBAQ quilter Dianne Miller was featured HERE.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Deanna, seeing her sewing space and great quilt projects!

Have a great week!

Deanna's Liberty Tree block 3/15/2016


  1. Deanna certainly has a beautiful (and incredibly organized) sewing area. Perhaps that's why she is able to create such beautiful quilts. Please thank her for sharing. It was so pleasant to read about her.

  2. Showing some beautiful work here and Deanna has a sweet quilting companion. Love the La Petite Pomegranate.

  3. Wow! her work is amazing, thanks for sharing this with us. It is really inspiring!

  4. My goodness, what a place! Love to scan every inch of that!!!!

  5. Deanna's sewing space is very inviting (love her sewing partner), and her work is exquisite! I remember being awed by her quilt when I got my copy of "In War Time". Thanks for sharing her work with us.

  6. What a feast for the eyes! A lovely post of your friend's quilting world! Thank you for sharing this.

  7. What a fabulous read on Deanna! Thank you for sharing.
    Her work is exquisite and her sewing space is beautiful and inspiring!

    In addition, your Liberty Tree block is wonderful.

  8. This was such a fun post! :) Her work is lovely and that sewing space is just wonderful ! Love the shade of that pretty green shelf / case.

  9. I am enjoying all the different versions of the SVBAQ! Thanks for sharing Deanna with us!

  10. Her Baltimore block is oh so pretty. And the sewing room.....well organized and clean. Mine never looks like that.

  11. Wow, what a beautiful sewing space Deanna has, and such a sweet sewing companion. I can only wish mine looked so nice.
    Your Liberty Tree block is just lovely Dawn.

  12. Thank you for sharing Deanna! I must now go home and get to work on my sewing jungle! lol :) Her works are beautiful, I'm sure a reflection of herself! Inspiring :)

  13. What a fun post and seeing Deanna incredible work. Her AQSG quilt is breathtaking. And your Liberty tree is just brings a smile.

  14. What a treat to see Deanna's fabulous work! Thank her for sharing and wouldn't it be nice if she had a blog too! Love all her projects and her gorgeous work space :)
    Beautiful Liberty tree - I had fun picking the fabrics in there - some of my favourites!

  15. Great job Mom! Your love of life and family definitely show through with every stitch! Our family loves you very much and are so proud of all you have accomplished doing what you love! You are a true inspiration for so many in the quilting world, for your family and your grandchildren too :) VJ

  16. Beautiful work Deanna! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Oh my oh my!!! Deanna's work and home are gorgeous! Inspiring for us all!! Thanks for sharing!!

  18. Wow! What a beautiful sewing space! And her work is beautiful as well.

  19. I loved her 2014 entry - one of my favorites - and I find it fun and interesting to see where other stitchers work and what they have done and like. Thanks for the great report and please tell her how much I enjoyed her sharing it with you and us. It is inspiring. She has such a cozy little sewing center - full of her pretties.

  20. What a lovely portrait of a very talented quilter! Her work is amazing (this pomegranate quilt is breath-taking!), and so is her sewing-room! Also love her pretty pincushions and her embroidery.

  21. What a lovely sewing space. And what beautiful work. Thank you so much for sharing Deanna's world. I love both your Liberty Tree blocks. I had a lot of fun with this one.

  22. Thanks for the tour - I love seeing the sewing space of others. Beautiful quilts and a lovely sewing room!

  23. Beautiful quilts! and that work space is nice!!

  24. Deanna sends her thanks for the kind words!

  25. Deanna's work and sewing area are beautiful. Her Applique quilt sure is an heirloom. That little purse is so so sweet - thanks for a lovely post of inspiration about her!


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