Saturday, June 25, 2016

May Part 3

In our May travels, we also made arrangements for a private presentation from collector, historian and author Ann Hermes. You can visit Ann's blog, Notes From The Quilt Lab - HERE.

Ann has a world class collection of antique American doll and crib quilts, doll and children's dresses and well as treasured accessories like cradles and cupboards.

I had been to Ann's lecture and presentation at the Temecula Quilt Company a few years ago. It was a packed room at that event.  Arranging our own event, we were spoiled to have Ann to ourselves.

Ann is available for lectures and trunk shows - you can contact her through her blog.  HERE

We opted for the doll quilt trunk show.
Ann's patterns for some of her little quilts have been published in American Patchwork and Quilting, Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting and Quiltmania.

Her book, "Pennsylvania Patchwork Pillowcases and Other Small Treasures" is available in her Easy shop along with some of her reproduction doll quilts and antique finds. HERE.

It was a wonderful, inspiring time - we enjoyed every minute.

Our only question - When's the next book coming out?

There was additional show and tell at my house during the May Event.

Shona brought her finished Catherine's Garden BOM quilt.

She used Moda Mustard yellow ground fabric, with reproduction prints. Her quilt is beautifully hand appliquéd and hand quilted.

In this photo, you can see the medallion setting of Catherine's Garden on the wall.

Both quilts are patterned from an 1855 quilt in our collection.
Great work Shona - It is a beautiful quilt!

Thank you to everyone who was part of my May 2016 - It was a very special month!
Happy Stitching,


  1. Dawn, it was my pleasure to host you. You ladies really get around. I am enjoying my retirement, with no deadlines(!) right now. The next book is on simmer, so there will be another I am hoping, but not in the immediate months.

  2. What a tantilizing picture of that open cupboard!!! It sounds like such a fabulous outing :0) Shona's quilts look lovely!

    1. That was just one of the cupboards of treasures! We were amazed...
      Shona does amazing work.

  3. I love Shona's quilt. The mustard background is beautiful.

  4. Would have loved to paw through the quilts in that cupboard!
    Catharine's Garden looks so soft and lovely with the mustard background.

  5. Beautiful! And I love the mustard background too.

  6. Beatiful quilts Catherine made and I can imagine your day with Ann was really worth it. I love doll quilts and beds very much too.

  7. That must have been so wonderful, to have a special presentation by Ann Hermes. I have been a follower of her blog for quite some time and you must have seen beautiful quilts. That cabinet with its contents.... oh wow.

  8. What a treat it must have been to see all these lovely doll quilts and other treasures from Ann Hermes (I am going to visit her blog!). And what a beautiful interpretation of your Catherine's Garden-quilt, with this well chosen background color! Your month of May has been a month to cherish!!!

  9. What lovely quilts and how fun to have her and them all to yourself. Off to visit her blog now! :)

  10. Lucky you. I would love to hear Ann speak and see some of her fabulous collection. Her pillow case book is sensational!

  11. Wonderful that you had a private session with Anne Hermes!
    I'm sure that her collection of doll quilts were even more fabulous to see in person.
    Shona's quilt is absolutely Stunning! I'm so happy we got to see it when we came to visit! She is such a talented quilter.

  12. Oh those cradles! so sweet - lovely quilts too

  13. It sounds like Ann's presentation would have been so very interesting. I love dolls and doll clothes and doll quilts (even though I don't collect them). I am enchanted by that top quilt with the HSTs in the cupboard photo. The colors and fabrics look so random. It would be fun to have enough reproduction fabrics to make a similar one.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @


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