Tuesday, June 14, 2016

May Part Two

In my last post, I left off with the Winterthur Museum visit.

This display shows layers of bedding on a four post rope bed.

The rope is threaded through the wood frame of the bed. On top of the rope is a straw 'mattress'.  The next layer on top of the straw is a feather filled mattress.

Under the bed is chamber pot for night time personal needs. There was a humorous drawing on the wall done by one of the DuPont daughters showing the awful mess a used chamber pot can make if one trips over it in the dark.

The bed hangings are reproductions used to show how the frame over the bed was used. At Winterthur, the DuPont family had their textiles in each room changed out to frame and compliment what was happening in the gardens.

Doreen starting the fun with introductions

After a day home, I welcomed a group of quilters from Virginia. We went out to dinner and gathered at my house the next day.
You can read more about it on Doreen and Kyle's blogs, HERE and HERE.
It was a wonderful day filled with new friendships, special quilts and lots of fun. We even had a participant Skype in with the fun.

Aussie Floral Splendor
Mary Hitchens, Victoria
81" x 81"
Design by Lee White, Australian Floral

The following day the girls did some touring around the area. I've heard the local economy had a nice spike!
On Thursday we went to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. The girls enjoyed, "Australia Uncovered" and picked up some treasures in the RMQM gift shop. The museum has bolts of their new fabric lines available.  You can see the fabrics HERE and HERE. If your LQS doesn't have the fabrics call the museum gift shop.  303.277.0377

Collection of Kathy Kenny

In the afternoon I arranged for collector and historian Kathy Kenny to give our group a presentation. She has several lectures to choose from and owns many fabulous antique quilts. She held us captivated as she showed quilt after wonderful quilt.

In April I attended her lecture on Women's Suffrage and quilts of that era. She has attracted the attention of non quilters like book clubs with her detailed research.

After another busy day we went to dinner...
Did I mention we ate out...some...I have no idea why restaurants would think a large group of quilters would talk and laugh (make a little noise) ??

The week passed all too fast.
I am blessed and thankful for all the quilting adventures, quilters and quilts the month
of May brought to me. They are memories I will always treasure.

Thank you for reading, have a great week!


  1. Wow! There is no end to Doreen's energy! Sounds like a great time was had by all. Your RMQM is a treasure and sounds like you put together a wonderful and memorable trip for the Doreen's group.

  2. I know those ladies must have enjoyed their time with you. Are they planning any more trips?

  3. You planned all the perfect quilty activities!

  4. I read about this on Kyle's blog. Sounds like such a memorable visit for her group. You are a great hostess! : )

  5. What a fun week you had! Days filled with quilting and friends are the best!

  6. What a fun-filled week! I'm going to go check out the other blogs.

  7. What fantastic fun! I bet seeing your quilts was a real highlight as well! Love the one shown from Kathy's collection :0) I'm glad I don't have to sleep on that bed - lol! It looks elegant enough but it doesn't sound very comfortable.

  8. You certainly did pack in quite a bit during their stay. Kathy Kenny does have some fantastic lectures and I'm so happy you got to hear one. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thank you for an incredibly memorable stay! You are an amazing hostess and planned wonderful, fascinating and FUN activities for us.
    We took a piece of Colorado home in our hearts! Thank you for your hospitality and friendship!

  10. Great fun Dawn and some very interesting viewing too! Thank goodness we've got past the era of chamberpots :)

  11. So interesting to read about the Winterthur museum, and the lecture from Kathy Kenny must have been a real treat! What a wonderful month of May you must have enjoyed, filled with so much quilty goodness, and of course with friends!

  12. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us, such beautiful quilts!

  13. Very very cool! Sounds like a wonderful month!

  14. That sounds like a wonderful time, so many interesting quilty activities, Lucky ladies! And I am glad chamberpots are no longer needed these days... oh dear...


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