Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Meet Florence

41.4" x 37.25" Reproduction
This post is dedicated to the extraordinary work of Florence McConnell. In addition to making quilts, Florence is a quilt historian and collector from California.

The first reproduction quilt is one of my all time favorites! Imagine my delight when I was able to meet the maker and see more of her work.

Florence made this quilt for the American Quilt Study Group (AQSG) 19th Century Star Study. The original quilt is in the collection of the New England Quilt Museum.

Photos, history and the pattern can be found in the book, "Stars! A Study of 19th Century Star Quilts" by the American Quilt Study Group.  Kansas City Star Books.
You will want to read about the connection to Lizzie Borden!

Florence made this doll quilt for fun, using some of her favorite reproduction fabrics.

It is machine pieced and hand quilted.

The design show cases the border prints.

The Chintz Stars reproduction quilt also showcases reproduction prints from early 19th century textiles.

Over 60 reproduction prints were used in this quilt.

Notice the setting triangles on the left edge - inspired by an antique quilt. The Calico and Chintz book, puts the original at c.1830.

It is machine pieced and hand quilted.

36.75" x 54.75" Reproduction

The Irish Bear Paw Puzzle was recreated with permission from Stella Rubin HERE.
Florence used it for her AQSG Colonial Revival quilt study project.

The quilt is machine pieced and hand quilted.  Read the history of the pattern and see this quilt in the book, "Revival! A study of Early 20th Century Colonial Revival Quilts" by Kansas City Star books.  The book includes the pattern for this quilt.

The entire quilt is so striking - the setting and and edge treatment!

There's more!

31" Square

For the 2015 AQSG Civil War Quilt Study, Florence chose a Peony Appliqué Crib Quilt (with written permission) from the New England Quilt Museum collection. (#1999.10).
This quilt is currently touring the country with the AQSG Civil War Study Exhibit - September 15 to December 15, 2016 it will be at the DeVos Art Museum, Northern Michigan University
Marquette, Michigan
It is included in the book,
"In War Time: A Study of Civil War Era Quilts 1850-1865".

One of a pair, you will enjoy reading about the quilt.

If you are going to "Maine Quilts" - Augusta, Maine to the Pine Tree Quilters Show July 29-31, Florence has two quits in the exhibit, "Little Quilts From Antique Inspirations".

She sent her full size original and her small reproduction for the exhibit. The little quilt is machine pieced and hand quilted.

I would love to see this exhibit but cannot, so if you go, please share photos.

33" x 55" Grandma's Quilt

Florence has a quilt from her childhood.

It was made by her grandmother in the 1950's.
Made in a small size for a child at 33" x 55".  Florence remembers as a child thinking it was a huge quilt. It is tied and has a thin blanket for filling.

Florence didn't see her grandmother often, she lived far away. Perhaps the quilt was a way to wrap some long distance love around a grandchild.
Fabric detail
Attendees of the 2016 AQSG Seminar will see some of Florence's antique quilts.

Isn't Florence's work amazing?
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  1. I love the quirky border on the one side of the third quilt. Makes one wonder.
    Her quilt in the Maine Quilts exhibit has such a wonderful design created from the layout. Fascinates me .

  2. Thank you for letting us get to know Florence better! Fantastic quilts! I'll take lots of photos of our antique quilt exhibit to share!!

  3. Wonderful! I am so excited about having her quilt in our show! And, I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for “One Lovely Blog Award”. You can read about it on my blog, but I wanted you to know that you don’t have to do anything. You are already and inspiration!

  4. What an incredible talent. Florence is definitely able to capture the original style of the antique quilt. Her work is beautiful.

  5. Beautiful quilts! It makes me really want to return to New England some day!

  6. Florence really made wonderfull quilts with these re-creations of the orginals, as well as the others. I especially love the peony crib-quilt. A blogpost with lots of eye-candy!

  7. Her work is amazing indeed! They are all beautiful! :)

  8. Very special and beautiful work by Florence. Love all the pictures you are showing.

  9. Thank you for introducing us to the wonderful quilts by Florence and how she is tapping into those original works. To actually meet someone who you have followed. The Peony quilt is stunning!


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