Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Meet Rosebud

This is Rosebud on her metal bed with a couple of vintage doll quilts. She is 6.5" tall.

The bed is metal with the original paint.
I bought it vintage in about 1989. The kids had years of enjoyment with the bed and it was easy to pack so I kept it.

The doll quilts are also vintage. Simple shapes, squares and triangles. The bottom quilt is tied in multi colored threads.

I am looking for another English Rosebud Doll in the 'thumb sucker' baby style. (UPDATE FOUND). It is for a gift, and has to be the english original. Original packaging isn't needed. The dolls are circa 1950's.

The back of the doll torso is marked:
Made In England

Of course, a doll gift will need a doll quilt in vintage fabrics!
Have a great week,


  1. Such a sweet little girl!
    I hope after the gift has been given you will share a photo of the quilt that went with her.

  2. What a cute doll, I hope you find the other one!

  3. Sounds like you've found what you were looking for already. What a cute little doll. Rosebud looks happy and content in her own little space. It's a delightful doll's bed.

  4. Dawn ¡¡delicioso y tierno regalo!!

  5. Is the doll for someone named Rose?

  6. What a sweet doll, and so glad to,hear you found her a "sister". I never heard of this English dolls before. Have fun with the miniquilt; hope to see it soon!

  7. Sweet as a Rosebud! Glad you were able to find one. I finally posted some photos of our show on my blog today. Thanks again for sharing your magnificent work. I truly love those mini's!

  8. What a precious little baby doll! Great that you found the 2nd one.
    Of course your doll quilts are equally as darling!

  9. So sweet! And a little bed and quilts to go with her. I think each of us had a soft spot for one particular doll. Mine was Ginny and her blue trunk which I still have.

  10. Very cute doll. I have never heard of her! So nice for her to have a bed with many comfy quilts.


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