Monday, April 10, 2017

Days For Girls

Saturday I had an opportunity to sew for Days For Girls (HERE).

It was a wonderful opportunity to step out of my box and do some machine work on brought fabrics.

Not only was I able to help in their efforts, I sewed fabrics I rarely use!  Flannels and batiks, also pretty pinks and rich purple prints.

I also sewed with polyester thread - which I had to dig deep for in some of the vintage sewing baskets I had. I was able to use up three spools of thread - that's a lot of seams.

We sat at tables with other stitchers so we had a nice time visiting throughout the day while we sewed.

Everything was all setup when we arrived and each work station was outfitted with tools and supplies.

This particular group meets three times a year.  The final kits from their work are delivered to Haiti. You can read more about their goals in the link above.

My friend donated a sewing machine for the solar powered sewing center they are finishing in Haiti. There, local women will sew these kits and sell various components for distribution by hospitals, educators and other non profits doing work in the area.  The high quality fabrics are hard to source on the island so I donated fabric along with my check and time sewing.

There were people serving as well as straight stitching.

The entire work room (church hall) was an array of beautiful color.

Each station was a different step in creating the final bag of supplies.

Non sewers helped cut and assemble.
The drawstring bags get the logo label of Days For Girls - helping girls stay in school and helping Haiti Work!

Have a great week,
Helping Haiti Work (HERE)
Days For Girls (HERE)


  1. What a wonderful organized sewing experience. When I make charity quilts I use up a lot of polyester thread too. It's a good way to empty a few spools.

  2. This is such a good cause. I have sewn for them a little a few years back. Should really do more. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. What a well spend day you had! Great job forma good course!

  4. Such a fun effort for a great cause. It must be fun to do this together, the fabrics look joyful.

  5. Good for you! Glad you had fun.

  6. Good for you! It looks like it was fun too.

  7. What a wonderful charity event! I'm sure these much needed items will be greatly appreciated.

  8. Yeah for you and the other women involved. Cannot see men doing any of this.. our country so needs women running it.. The stitched bags are filled with stuff. including sanitary items, I guess. Your life must be interesting.

    1. This local group allows sewers to take supplies home and sew them. Men and women are welcome. The stitched bags include sanitary items, soap etc. They are presented with a women health education workshop. The sewing center is helping local women sew the kits as well.


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