Monday, April 24, 2017

Dressing a Canopy Doll Bed

Shona is dressing this wonderful doll bed.

I thought you would enjoy seeing the details,
and she agreed to share!
The canopy is in process, we can see that later.

The medallion center was cut from yardage and appliquéd onto the light fabric.

The center medallion finished at 6" square.
Isn't the hand quilting beautiful?

The medallion was cut from an Anna Griffin Jolie print.

The pillow case is hand embroidered with her monogram.
The stitching was done free hand - not using waste canvas.
Wonderful attention to detail.

Under the quilt are beautiful lace trimmed sheets.
The original ticking mattress was freshened and refilled.

The quilt is beautiful even off the bed.
Shona lightly pencils her hand quilting lines before stitching.
Note the lower corners are designed to accommodate a four poster bed.

The reproduction fabric squares were cut 2", finishing at 1.5"
They alternate light and dark.
Here you can see the quilt fit around the bed posts.

Thank you for sharing Shona!
Happy Stitching,


  1. Thank you both for sharing - Dawn and Shona! So adorable and, of course, Shona's outstanding work.

  2. Superb! I adore it. Thanks for sharing this treasure.

  3. So cute, my Abi would love it and so do I !

  4. Delightful! Love that bed and made even better with the medallion quilt.

  5. How adorable! That bed is pretty sweet too!

  6. Thank you for sharing this with us, it is gorgeous - exquisite work!

  7. Oh, I loved seeing this! Thanks to both of you for sharing. Such attention to detail. Exquisite!

  8. That looks really awsome! You can see it is made with love!

  9. so Sweet! Love that R&W toile'

  10. And thank you for sharing this wonderful work of Shona! You can tell this was a labour of love, paying so much attention to detail. So small, and such a high standard... Darling center-fabric too.

  11. So beautiful! Thanks for showing this!

  12. Sweet and charming. What a lovely job.

  13. love your red fabrics choices & the medallion just makes the quilt!! What a fun project. Thanks for showing it to us


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