Thursday, June 22, 2017

Quilt Along Noah and Matilda


When I was in the corporate world we often had to ask for clarification on what that meant!
I finished my Noah and Matilda reproduction top - but it isn't quilted. Which means it really isn't finished.  This has worked to my advantage as students often want to see the back of my work.
So, I am starting another one! That, combined with new customers buying our pattern and seeing recent full finishes I have started a Facebook Page for a Noah and Matilda Quilt Along.

The purpose of the page is to provide encouragement, quilt history and advice as you work on your project. Participants are at all different stage of the project. Participation is by invitation only, contact me for an invite.  As always, I am still available by email to also provide information.

Hope you join us!
Happy Stitching,

Patterns available HERE
Read more about the quilt HERE


  1. It looks beautifully vintage, Dawn. Truly an heirloom!
    Funny how we toss around the terms "done" and "finished", and how varied the meanings can be. I'd never considered that before.

  2. It is stunning! I am ordering the pattern now. Between you and Kyle, you have over inspired me!

  3. It's beautiful, Dawn. It has such a lot of detail! I love the red and green against the white background and the color of green you chose is gentle and restful (at least to my eyes).

  4. Looks beautiful! Such an accomplishment, would love to see it 'in person', will we be able to in August?

  5. It is just gorgeous! I have some work to finish still but this one is on my 'wish to make' list!

  6. Maybe this will help me get started!

  7. Hello Dawn ! Is there a deadline to subscribe please ?
    I'm French and is it possible to join this QAL please ? (If I decide to join you because it's a big quilt !)
    Thank you :)

  8. As you know, I am already a proud member of this inspiring group; a good help to get me started once I will have "finished" (that is, finished the top) of my current rather substantial project ;) Your Noah&Matilda quilt is such a beautiful project!

  9. wow! my hands hurt just thinking about all that hand work. do it while you can.

  10. So beautiful! To me, there are two finished stages. The finished quilt top, and the finished quilted quilt. :D


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