Thursday, June 22, 2017

Red Touch Me Not SVBAQ

I loved Stitching my little red touch me nots.

All the overs, unders and small details.

Yes, there were some tricky sections - but those are so, sew rewarding when finished.

I chose to use two greens, one for the leaves and one for the stems.
The flowers are the same solid red - unlike the pink when I varied the shades in prints.

I'm quilting mine - as we wrap up the appliqué blocks, we will continue with posting. We have some people just getting started.
It is also an opportunity to cheer each other one through the quilting, binding, labels - and maybe some sleeves.

My red Touch Me Not

Have a great week!


  1. Such detail in your work, beautiful.

  2. So beautiful, Dawn! All those little overs, unders and small details are the very things that make me shudder at the thought. :)
    And you do them so masterfully.

  3. This is a lovely block and a flower that is new to me as well :)

  4. You did well stitching those flowers. I did not much care for stitching them the previous similar block so have opted to change out the block for something else.

    1. Some are doing four colors of the pineapples, putting them in each corner.


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