Monday, March 18, 2019

Antique Shopping - Come Along

We spent some time antique shopping this weekend.

Join me and we'll look together.

There were still many red items out from Valentines Day.

Good for us because we hadn't been out with all the February snow.  But kind of sad too, meaning these treasures weren't sold.

I would have loved them instead of flowers and chocolates,
how about you?

I love the look of linen and lace with blue cottons.

The linen so crisp and clean, the hand crochet edging is beautiful.

The quilt top was just shirting squares but still quite nice.

I really like coverlets, and have a few in the collection.

This case mixed a few decades of bed coverings with the drunkards path quilt and woven coverlets.

Red, White and Blue is always striking.

This coverlet is "Bird of Paradise"

If you look closely at the bands you will find the words woven in the smallest areas.

It is very heavy, about mid 19th century

I always look for nice hand quilting, and this trip was rewarding.

Inspiring fine, even stitches.

Always motivating to see when working on a large hand quilting project.  I couldn't help but long did this take?

I really liked this clever foot stool.

It is an octagonal wooden box open on the bottom.

The top is covered in needlepoint with a well done corded edge.

The ring is handy to move the footstool around to where you need it!

The sides are covered in wooden thread spools that have been sawn in half.

They are stained to look like a dark walnut.

On closer inspection, each side of the octagonal box has a different spool arrangement.

Kind of like quilt blocks, or mosaic work.

Some of the sides had a circular variation, while others where square, almost looking woven.

Very clever, and a fun use of empty spools.

This sewing cabinet is missing the drawer labels, but it was very nicely made.  I think the handles are original.

This stack is from a shopping trip a few years ago.
I can just imagine adding yesterdays find...Imagine being the key word!

If I had a retro kitchen this pot holder hanger was adorable...I thought the list os uses on the front was charming.  It's that red and white theme again...

No antique shopping in the mid west would be complete without seeing at least one Sun Bonnet Sue!
Just for spring, this is example has a very tiny bouquet of flowers in her hand.  Sweet.

I hope you enjoyed this arm chair shopping trip!
I am busy quilting away on my Noah and Matilda (HERE
Be sure to checkout Wendy's (Constant Quilter) stunning Noah and Matilda (HERE)
Doing some Mary Witherwax applique (HERE) 
and mostly enjoying some sunshine and warmer weather!

Happy Stitching,



  1. I appreciate being able to join you in the shop. I love browsing antique malls, but I always go alone, because hubby does not enjoy it and I don't know of any friends that do, either.
    Fascinated by the stool decoration.

  2. Oh what fun! That spool stool is really adorable. I just might get inspired to do something with the dozens of wooden spools I have. Your Noah and Matilda quilting is really coming along. I've had so much fun with my N & M #2. I hope to have the top done by early April. Thanks again for the inspiration!

  3. So much fun to go armchair 'shopping' with you. Those were some great finds. We don't have that kind of quality antique shopping near us, but I always love spending a couple hours when we do find a good antique mall.

  4. So many great finds, you have a wonderful eye! My fave is the blue shirting churndash quilt and lace edged linen piece, but that spool stool, oh wow. And that stack of spool cases, I want the blue one! My ex husband used to buy me quilts for gifts, you reminded me! I was kinda spoiled and wanted flowers and diamond earrings instead, or--in addition! The red and white items will be wonderful for picnic-y/ patriotic summer, don't worry about them. I m sure they are much loved, or will be again.


  5. Some great finds! That spool stool is so interesting. How long did this take? or How long did she enjoy working on this? :0)

  6. Did you purchase the box with all the spools on the side? Very unusual.

  7. Such an extraordinary foot stool! I have never seen anything like it (not that I have seen a lot of them). Love the red and white quilts, you saw some lovely things.


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