Friday, March 22, 2019

New Children's Book

We have a shelf in the family room with a basket of toys and stack of children's books for young visitors.

Some of the books are activity books.  I have a nephew who loves maps, puzzles and mysteries....and a niece who loves animals!

I just added this book, "Rabbit No Pants and the Mysteries of Pantaloon Woods" by Gareth Shone.  Since we have a wooded lot and lots of rabbits I thought the kids would have fun!

There isn't an age recommendation, however I would guess it falls into the 'Young Reader' category.  Also good to read aloud.

I ordered my copies from Amazon HERE.
There are preview pages to give you a sense of the story.

The book is sprinkled with cute little line drawings that keep a young readers interest.

The book is a planned series, so stay tuned for more adventures!

It would be a sweet addition to an Easter Basket too.

A bit more from the back of the book.

Gareth and Julia are new parents.  You can tell from the book what a wonderful young family they are - making their way on an old (new to them) farm.  I'm guessing there are a few bunnies in their gardens.

Enjoy - and HAPPY READING!


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  1. It sounds adorable. I'll have to order one for my nephew. He loves a good mystery!


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