Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rebecca Kohler c. 1832 Repro

The original quilt is at the State Museum of Pennsylvania,  the reproduction pattern was created with permission by Patty Harants.

My version is hand appliqued, and machine quilted.  I adore the quirky and lively design.

One of my favorite elements in the quilt are the block 'shapes', normally seen pieced, like a simple nine patch, appliqued!

It was a delightful opportunity to dig through my stash and use a variety of fabrics. 

The original quilt is backed in a pillar print.
Book:  Saved For The People of Pennsylvania Quilts from the State Museum of Pennsylvania
ISBN:  0-89271-073-X

The corner appliques swirl in with a variety of fabrics, each corner has different fabric.

The little floating red squares make me wonder what was Rebecca thinking?  Such fun!

This is one of the reproduction quilts I would consider doing a second time.  I think the next one I would hand quilt - maybe applique in brights?

The tulips are a variety of pinks and peaches.

The stars are a bit primitive - attribute that to the design or my applique?  Maybe both!

The stems and leaves vary in shape and size.

I got a little carried away with the stippling in the quilting.  What can I say, I was learning!

I couldn't show a little quilt without a school girl sampler.  The creamy linen and the lighter thread colors compliment the quilt.

The dark wood sewing box is easy to tote around with the turned wood handle.  Inside is a thread shelf and I can just picture it used for mending.  Not so for me - I have it on a table with handwork kept close by a favorite chair.

The pin cushion is pink/blue silk and the little pin holder is wool, silk and flannel.

The needle/pin holder is worth a close up.

Pins are kept in the sides of the flannel cover disc sandwich.  The outside is flannel, the inside silk.  The middle layer is two layers of flannel held together with a button hole stitch.   All layers are held together with a little blue bow at the top.

The embroidery on the cover is a lower case 'a', assuming the bow goes on top.  Turn it the other way and it is an upper case 'D'.  A very tiny treasure!

Excuse my bad record keeping and I cannot tell you the source of the reproduction sampler pattern, it may have even been a kit.  I'll update the post if I unearth my pattern.  It is linen over 2, hem stitch edge, top mounted on linen.

I'm starting to alternate posts between quilts I've made, and old/antique quilts I own.

Thank you for stopping in today - make time to stitch!


  1. Hi Dawn, Lovely, lovely quilt. I am not an applique girl but wouldn't mind a go at that one.

    I love samplers too. What is it with textiles and us.

  2. Dawn, another beauty and your fabric choices are great also. Your stitchery and implements are neat too. Can't help with the designer of the sampler, but you did jog my memory for something I needed and couldn't remember. LOL

  3. Oh my goodness Dawn your work here with this reproduction is so completely beautiful. Takes my breath away. Really enjoyed the way you took these photos so we could study and enjoy all the fabrics and stitching. Happy!

  4. What an enchanting quilt, Dawn! You did such a beautiful job. I love how the little swirling applique shapes all have different fabrics. Your stipple quilting is quite striking! Also enjoyed the pics of the sampler and the pincushions. This was such a treat to see!

  5. I've always admired the Kohler quilt but never enough to reproduce it! Way to go Dawn, it's gorgeous!!

  6. Dawn your reproduction quilt is wonderful. I admire your appliqué. It's a skill I haven't mastered. And of our a LOVE your collection of antique sewing implements. We really have to go antique hunting together one day.

  7. Can you tell me what size it is. Your quilt is beautiful and I love the sewing case.

  8. Wow, Dawn it's fantastic, and I love the way you arrange your photos!

  9. What a great little quilt. I love all the movement and color in it!

  10. I think Patty had her version at one of our retreats a few years back and another girl did it, too. That is one that I'd like to do someday, too. I love your version.

  11. You have done a lovely job with this, so nice to see it in its original layout.

    I had my version of this quilt out a couple of days ago, but then put it away! The centre is almost finished but have often wondered why Rebecca didn't balance the quilt i.e. two "wiggly worms" rather than four - did she run out of time? fabric?

    I am turning my quilt on point and making it into a "mother" quilt - I really need to finish mine and you have inspired me!

  12. What a great job you have done. I am so pleased to see this in its' original layout.

    I am still working on mine and strangely got it out a couple of days ago, to take a look and then put it away! I too have often wondered why Rebecca did what she did - did she run out of time? fabric?

    My centre is finished, but I have decided to turn it on point and make a "mother" quilt. I know of someone in Canada who made her version in 1930's repros. Really looks great.

  13. What a lovely quilt! Now you have your very own treasure.

  14. really great work....congrats!!!
    Thank you for the visit and your comment!
    Grazia ;)

  15. You do beautiful work with your applique. The tulips remind me of the work that the Grandma used to do.

    Always take time to quilt!

  16. I have Patty's contact info
    She has patterns if you want to order - let me know.


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