Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mosaic Columns Quilt A Colorful Journey

I need a name
I love textiles, not just reproduction fabrics and antiques, so quilts with lots of fabrics appeal to me.

Before I get into the details of my Mosaic Columns quilt, meet this SOK guy.

My DD and I were at the LQS and just had to buy the book, 'Stray Sock Sewing' by Daniel.  We were laughing out loud at the photography - the designs are a delight, and well - - the book came home with us...  We headed directly to the store and bought a bag full of baby and children's socks.  DD made several for gifts, and I managed to snag this 'guy with attitude' who sits on my desk.

Mosaic Columns
This is a Kaffe Fassett design 'Mosaic Columns' from the book 'A Colorful Journey.  ISBN 1-904485-07-3
It uses more then 25 prints in a beautiful queen size explosion of color.

The fabrics, including the back and binding were a gift from my DH, who bravely located the book in my sewing room, took it to the LQS, and had them package it all up.

It is machine pieced and I also machine quilted it.

Last year we had a house professionally staged for sale, and THE STAGER had me put most of my quilts away.  We won't discuss what happened in my studio...

Anyway - this quilt got to stay out, and was used to stage a pink girl's room.  It glowed.  And yes, the buyers had a little girl who got that room.

Every quilt can use red?

It even uses deep red in the pallet.  It was a good exercise to use the pallet in the book because I would not have selected the red.  Now I know better!

This basket is filled with loose buttons, so I scooped some red ones out for the photo...

The little red scissors are very light weight steel with tremendous sharp tips.  I bought them in the 1980's when I was heavy into cut thread work like Hardanger.

Color Pallet

Perhaps everything old is new again.
Checkout the pallet of colors in this old set of mending cotton.   Priced at 2 cents...

The 10 colors are 25 yards each, and are labeled "Mercerized Mending Cotton" from the Heminway and Bartlett Mfg. Co. Watertown, Connecticut Made in the U.S.A.

Instructions to darn a hole are on the back of the package with an illustration.  I wonder what two colors she used up?  White & Ecru?

Fishy Fishy

This is my little fish sewing bag.  Isn't the batik nice with the prints?  The pattern is in the book, 'Omiyage:  Handmade Gifts from Fabric in the Japanese Tradition', also a great book for fun little gifts.  I made several items from this book.

Also playing on the quilt are a pair of my scissoroos, and some silk thread from an applique project I had sitting near by.

Kind of a global combination, Australian designed scissors made in Italy, by the Japanese designed fish, made of batik from?, and the Kaffe design...

Shell Buttons
I thought the colors in this sewing set looked nice on the quilt too.  These are little themed 'books' that slide open like match boxes.  Each is 'titled' with a sewing supply it contains.  The bottom drawer opens to reveal scissors and thimble.

I don't think it was ever used.
Each little book/box is still full, including the shell buttons I sprinkled on the quilt.

The scissors have no maker marks but are pretty nice for a mending 'kit' and still very sharp.

Supply Drawer

Closeup of the scissors and thimble in the drawer.

Note the little circle drawer pull so carefully attached with a ribbon loop.

I'm thinking, 1940's?  Any ideas?

Use Color Today
And here's the gang....

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Hope your day is sunny and bright!


  1. What a fun collection of stuff! Can't believe anyone would suggest putting quilts away - what were they thinking!?

  2. Such delightful things in your post today--as always! I love your sock creature! You did a wonderful job. He looks like a Hugo to me but I'm sure you'll come up with a fitting name. We have much in common, Dawn, as I have that same book and have made creatures from it as well. I always enjoy looking at the novelty and kids sock selection when I am shopping and have found so many fun makings for sock creatures.
    That little book sewing set is just the cutest! I have never seen anything like it but agree with you that it seems like 1940s era. Thanks for the colorful post today!

  3. I love little "needs a name"! I'm going to have to look for that book. And your collections are fabulous!!!

  4. Your little guy looks very impish to me, but maybe I'm confusing him with my sons beagle, Len, who keeps me on my toes!
    Love all the colors in this post. The little sewing set is charming! Do you remember where you found it?

  5. Your quilt is fabulous! You must be thankful to have such a brave husband who would venture not only into your sewing room for your book but then into a quilt shop!! I too love collecting vintage sewing items. Your "book" sewing collections is so sweet. I love the pastel colors.

    Deb from

  6. The little sewing compendium is beautiful. I haven't seen one like it before, but the colours make me think 1940/50s.

  7. The books are so interesting. What wonderful storage containers.

  8. The sock guy is great! Reminds me of my junior school days, when we had to knit a pair of socks. I only ever made one, and later changed it into a mouse!
    I love the containers too!

  9. love that sock guy! just too cute.
    oh that quilt is beautiful, love the fabrics, its such a happy quilt! oh yes it says little girl for sure!
    I have a pair of those scissoroos love them!
    great post!


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