Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crazy - My Heart is Glad Because of Thee

Happy Mother's Day whenever and wherever you celebrate.

This crazy quilt piece and sampler sum it up for me, "My Heart Is Glad Because of Thee"
Even when we get a little crazy my DH and children fill my heart.  Maybe even more when we are crazy!

Italian leather pin/needle holder
Bone crochet hooks (one double ended)
Reproduction hat pins and holder

My Heart Is Glad Because of Thee

Sampler detail
Linen over 2 - silk & metallic thread
Brass heart charm
Would love to give the designer credit - can't find the chart!
I've made several - all different designs.
I simply must get better at LABELS!

Vintage 'crazy' quilt square, hand embroidered with pearl cotton in various pastel colors.  Base fabric is muslin, decorative fabrics are cotton and linen.  Maybe 1940's?

Detail of the hand stitching intersection, multiple florals and stripes.  This is the only pastel Crazy I've seen, but it much later than the 1890's heavily embellished style of a 'true' crazy.
It is very basic, no figural embroidery or motifs.

The back is labeled #6 so it probably came out of a larger project.  I think it had been finished at some point because the seam allowances have threads and signs of being turned under.

Some of the hand stitching runs along seams, others are stitched over the top.

Beautiful roses and soft stripes.

I bought this piece in the 1980's in the Chicago suburbs.   My DD used it for a doll quilt for years, so it has a few special memories.

I think it makes a pretty dresser scarf as well.

Hardanger detail of the small runner under the pin holder.
Hand crochet trim in matching pearl cotton #8.
A little course for crochet thread, but it is a unique piece I made.

Glad I chose a timeless neutral ivory shade.

About 6" x 18"

Love the stripes with the large flowers.

I think the pink graphic in the bottom stripe has a deco look.

Have a soft and gentle week and weekend however you decide to spend it.




  1. just beautiful, love those flowers and the strips piece too. that vintage crazy quilt piece is just beautiful
    i love it
    thanks for sharing, Happy Mothers Day!

  2. Love your little vignettes! You arrange your beautiful collections so well.
    Has the tomato pin cushion always been part of your header?
    The heart locket nicely finishes off your sampler - beautiful!
    Happy Mothers Day to you ,too!

  3. Such lovely textiles! The sampler is very sweet.

  4. The vintage crazy quilt square is so unique - I have never seen one like it and its really beautiful. Your hardanger/crocheted piece is gorgeous - such nice, timeless needlework! Happy Mother's Day to you too!

  5. Dawn, thank you for sharing all of your beautiful treasures. It could be that the sampler is a Shepherds Bush design - they use a lot of heart charms.


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