Thursday, May 19, 2011

Virginia Medallion c. 1840 Medallion Free Pattern

Scrappy Corner
Medallion design, scrappy fabrics, reproduced from a museum original - hard to pass up!!

I rarely buy kits, but this one really 'spoke' to me.  It was also one of those projects I started, and couldn't put down - including the hand quilting.

Isn't this corner interesting?  Scrappy fabrics, many reproduced from the original quilt, some added from my stash just to make it a bit more scrappy and unique for me.

I think the pinwheels make it look a little contemporary.

Can you find this corner in the whole quilt photo?

Entire Quilt - Quilted & Bound

Mariann Simmons, in cooperation with the Virginia Quilt Museum, created a free online pattern for Quilting Treasures fabric company from the original quilt.  How lucky are we?!?!

The original is at the Virginia Quilt Museum, and is thought to be c. 1840.

Note the scrappy backgrounds in the flying geese round.  One side uses the gray/blue as the light while the other sides have the background varied with light prints.

I would like to do this one again in some brights, or maybe indigo blues?  So many possibilities - makes this a timeless design.

I like how the outer round just cuts off at each corner.

Little Star Corner

So many opportunities to play with bits of fabrics.

The little star corners are so dainty.

The stripes are fun to mix and change the directions.

I could never pass up a great paisley so used a couple colorways of this one - including the beautiful red for the backing and binding.

The pattern states it is for Expert Level - but I think the instructions are so well written it would not be a problem for anyone, I did - give it a go!

Red backing and tag
I did get a tag made for this one, which I vow to get better at labeling my projects!  At least I have it pinned on.  Will have to stitch it down before this one goes back in storage.  I think I'll get to it, or remember the details...and my best intentions go out the window with the start of a new project.

Speaking of a new project, I've been trying to hold off, but I have a few in mind...sighhh...never enough hours in the day.

What's your favorite museum quilt?
Has a pattern been reproduced?

Double thick yet 'soft' goat skin thimbles

Last but not least - these are my favorite thimbles.  They are goat leather and handmade.  I've worn one out (through three tops).

These are my two new ones - one for DD.

I need to 'feel' and these are thick but still allow me to feel more than a metal thimble does.  I know... all personal preference.   I've been working more lately on my hand quilting and these are really working well for me.

The first I bought at a quilt show, but these I ordered directly from Elaine.  Wonderful service.

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you decide to make this quilt.

Free Pattern
Virginia Quilt Museum
Double Thick Thimbles


  1. I'm ashamed to say I haven't been to VQM and I've lived in Virginia for almost 25 years! However, I'm going in June on a bus trip with a local quilt group. The work of one of our members, Carolyn Lynch, is being exhibited. The title is "Articles of Merit Not Listed" and if you know Carolyn you know the quilts will be beautiful, creative and humorous. I love the quilt you've shared and printed the instructions - some day *sigh*

  2. Hi Dawn, l have always loved this quilt. l have the pattern and the fabric ready for this quilt, just need the time. Do you know where l can get some??? My favorite museum quilt is one l saw at Winterthur several years ago. l will send you a photo. Thanks for sharinfg photos of your quilt.

  3. Love that quilt Dawn! Thanks so much for the photo and link to the pattern. It is very much like the free pattern Moda put out recently, but has a lot more character. Love the way the instructions tell you it is not mathematically correct - bits of the border will not meet. Now that appeals to me. Thanks

  4. Thanks for the link to the medallion quilt! I've visited the Virginia Quilt Museum - beautiful quilts!

  5. What a gorgeous quilt. I relaly think I may make that one!!

    My friend uses the leather thimbles too. Her dog used to eat them! LOL

  6. Thanks for the link to the pattern - besides great eye appeal, what a great way to use up scraps. I was introduced to the leather thimbles at a workshop given by Robin Pandolph many moons ago. They are all she uses for her applique. Since then I have also replaced them by ordering directly from Elaine - and yes she is a sweetheart.

    Terry in So. Calif.

  7. beautiful quilt oh my!
    I have always wanted to make this quilt I remember seeing it in the Va book...

    there are quite a few quilts I would love to reproduce most are without patterns!

    never tried this kind of thimble before, will have to look into it thanks!

  8. Aren't scrappy quilts fun! What a wonderful pattern. Thanks for sharing the info.

    Donna K. from N. TX

  9. That is a great quilt, and you surely did a beautiful job. Thanks for sharing that the pattern is available on line. I have never tried one of these thimbles, but I will look into them and give one a try.

  10. I clicked for a closer view and must say, "Nicely done!"

    I'm intrigued by the leather thimbles...haven't tried them...have used a Roxanne thimble for years. Wouldn't mind trying the leather.

  11. I have been looking close to your photos. Wauh, what a lovely quilt. You did a great job, Dawn. So many beautiful fabrics.
    Thanks for sharing the photos and the link to the pattern with us. Would love to start right away ;-).

  12. Beautiful quilt. My husband is from Virginia so I may just give this one a try! My favorite museum quilt pattern is still the Cobb quilt published by Mimi Dietrich in her first Smithsonian book.

  13. We must have some invisible connection, Dawn. I decided my next blog post would be a new project - so far I've only done vintage things - and it's a medallion. Early stages.I am jealous that yours is done and it's beautiful. What is the overall size? I have used and loved those small leather 'dots' you put on your quilting finger but the last package I bought was disappointing. They are thinner and it's not fun when the eye end of the needle surprises you. I'll have to give the goats a try.

  14. i also love using leather thimbles and i found that supergluing a timble-it it lasts years longer!

    i blogged about it here:


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