Thursday, May 26, 2011

Elongated 9 Patch Variation and Free Huswif Pattern Link

Nine Patch Variation
So many options!

I just love simple blocks, done in scrappy fabrics.  The composition of the whole is more important than any one block alone.

The simple block is "6 finished.  This particular quilt was the result of a block swap.  Swaps are a nice way to get a variety of prints and see prints put together you may not have thought of.  I added several of my own blocks to get a bed sized quilt.

I chose a medium colored border - stripe, but I think I could have left the border off for a more antique look.

Detail of the 6" Blocks

There are some duplicate prints in the quilt, but never combined with the same secondary fabric.

Some of the blocks are threes prints, others two.

Some of the values are medium and can be used as light or dark alternating colors.

The binding is also scrappy - two prints.

The backing is a Documentaries print in flannel.  It is all machine pieced and quilted.

I used to live in the 'North Country' and flannel backs are so warm - they keep the quilt on the bed too!

Ivory, white, cream and beige all work together.

Same block - not as scrappy!

The chrome yellow makes a stunning alternating block.

This block is also a nice option for a friendship quilt. where each light was signed.

Using only light corners, the secondary design is a diagonal line.  The blocks with red prints are all contained within the center of the quilt.

This is a reproduction sampler from The Examplarery (unable to find a link).  It is worked over two threads on natural linen.

I made the huswif with reproduction fabrics, and have made several as gifts.  Very fun project!

The thread paddle and needle safe are nice tools to keep threads in order. 

All nice little compliments for quilts!

Here's a closeup of the walnut thread paddle and the inside of the needle keep.

I chose a walnut tone reproduction fabric for the lining and a scrap of fluffy wool.

I have other pieces to this series I am still stitching; a pin box and a covered tape measure.

Thanks for stopping in - I'm off to the sewing room to play with nine patch variations!

Book:  Masterpiece Quilts from the James Collection, International Quilt Study Center
   Chrome Quilt Example, no patterns
Huswif Patterns:
Free Huswif Pattern I used
Pockets and Rollups for My Red Cape Edyth C. O'Neil  (Must have book!!)
  I have a roll up from this book that was a special gift
Thread Paddle Kit
Museum Samplers Reproduction Resources:
   The Scarlett Letter
   The Essamplaire
   Traditional Stitches



  1. I love the quilt and think the border works well with it all. I really like scrap quilts best. I've never used a flannel for the backing, but after reading your post I plan to give it a try.

  2. oh I love this 9-patch. Simple but stunning. The border picks out all those colours and gives it an antiquey feel. Gorgeous!

  3. Dawn, I LOVE your quilts. They are so beautiful! Maybe because I live in the midwest, but I am a fan of flannel backings also. They are a little more difficult to quilt on a regular machine because they do not slide as easily through the machine (or off the bed, as you noted!) but there is something psychologically cozy about flannel that can't be ignored--winter or summer!

  4. oh,this is a wonderful scrap quilt,love it,susi

  5. Thank you for a lovely post - you quilt is beautiful. Ady

  6. What a gorgeous quilt! Such a variety of fabric is so fun to make and enjoy.
    Love the flannel on the back too.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  7. I really like the nine-patch quilts - it's one of my favorite blocks.

  8. a great scrappy quilt~! the pink picotage print in the photo showing the binding really caught my eye~! that's the great thing about a scrap quilt: seeing all of the varied fabrics play with each other.

    i thought the sampler was gorgeous too~!


  9. Great quilt Dawn, and the sampler is likewise beautiful. Your posts always are interesting and beautiful.

  10. I tend not to border my quilts, but I really like the fabric you used on this one. The quilting looks very well done - did you do it?
    The needle case and thread paddle are so cute. I learn so much from you - I don't think I've ever seen a thread paddle.

  11. Oh I love how simple blocks like this look in a quilt!


Thanks for your comments!