Sunday, April 10, 2011

Red and White The Park Avenue Armory Building

We didn't fully realize what we were in for as we approached the building for the exhibit.   Not only was the exhibit stunning, the building itself has a fascinating history.

"The Armory was built by New York State’s prestigious Seventh Regiment of the National Guard, the first volunteer militia to respond to President Lincoln’s call for troops in 1861. Members of what was known as the “Silk Stocking” Regiment included New York’s most prominent Gilded Age Families including the Vanderbilts, Van Rensselaers, Roosevelts, Stewarts, Livingstons and Harrimans. Built as both a military facility and a social club, the reception rooms on the first floor and the Company Rooms on the second floor were designed by the most prominent designers and artists of the day including Louis Comfort Tiffany, Stanford White, Herter Brothers and Pottier & Stymus. The Armory’s 55,000 square foot drill hall, reminiscent of the original Grand Central Depot and the great train sheds of Europe, remains one of the largest unobstructed spaces of its kind in New York. A marvel of engineering in its time, it was designed by Regiment veteran and architect Charles W. Clinton, later a partner of Clinton & Russell, architects of the Apthorp Apartments and the famed, now demolished, Astor Hotel"

We made time to wander through the reception rooms.
Cherry Paneling in This Room
Pockets Doors, Maple Wall Panels

Each room had its own style and type of wood paneling, fireplace and wood trim.

Wall Restoration In Process
Wall Sconce

Walnut Room Ceiling Undergoing Restoration
Ceiling and Crown Restoration In Process
Wall and Floor Near Fireplace

Fireplace Surround Detail


  1. I 'm glad you paid some attention to the building. it is beautiful!

  2. Thanks for the tour Dawn, a very interesting building. I would love to know more about the Stewarts in the regiment.

  3. very beautiful building, I too was amazed at all the wood and detail in the building....
    the perfect place to host this incredible quilt exhibit.
    thanks for sharing the info on the armory with us.

  4. Welcome to blogland. I am going to enjoy seeing your quilt collection. As you don't know how many you have it must be a lot :-)

    Enjoy the journey.

  5. l loved wandering through those rooms too. What a magnificent building it must have been in its heyday! And you can imagine the fashions that buuilding has seen!!

  6. Did you see the slide show in the lobby with some pictures of the fund raising events? The ball gowns and cosumes for themed parties were so fun to see! All great fun.

  7. Thanks for giving a different perspective of the show experience. I love the detail in old buildings.


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