Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Examplar Sampler Reproduction

This is the largest reproduction sampler in my collection.
I expect it will always hold that title!

The package insert describes it as follows:

"The origins of the sampler have been obscured during the passage of time.  The 'examplar' or 'samplar' was firmly established by the 17th century.  At that time these generally long and narrow pieces seem to be repertories of stitches and designs intended for future use.
This piece reflects the general elements found in early pieces.  There are 14 muted tones in the reproduction"

It is worked on 25 count natural linen and measures 8 x 32.5 (stitching area only).

I am re-framing my piece, so I thought this would be an ideal time to share it with you.

This is the top 1/3

I like band samplers but my next counted thread project might be reproducing a Quaker piece.

This is the middle section.

There are many great sources if you want to try a basic project or stitch for a more complicated piece.

Kits are available HERE.
I also like the Scarlet Letter selections HERE.

Are you a quilter only?
Quilter and other stitching?
Just curious...

Have a great week!


  1. Oh, this is beautiful!
    I did counted cross-stitch for years and years. After everyone I knew had at least one, if not two, pieces of my work, I started to feel like no one needed another one. But everyone can use more quilts, right? : )
    I actually still have patterns for two vintage samples that I "intend" to make eventually--I gave away all of my other patterns--boxes full!
    I do love vintage stitched pieces!

  2. i have made many reproduction samp,ers from the Scarlett Letter. I love their kits.

  3. Oh that is just lovely!!! Gorgeous! I'd love to do a band sampler like that someday, but I tend to stick to plain old cross stitch the most. it's what makes me happy. lol! But I love this one!

  4. Have done both but for a number of years it is all quilting. Your sampler is lovely.

  5. I have done both but for a number is years is it just quilting. Your sampler is lovely.

  6. I used to do cross-stitch, but the eye just aren't what they used to be. Guess that makes me a quilter only these days *s*

  7. i had no idea that samplers could be so large~! it is wonderful and every time i see a sampler i want to do one . . . every stitcher should do at least one . . . right~!? but then to choose just the right one . . .

    i love to dabble in many fiber arts and am now finding myself exploring mixed media more and more.


  8. Your sampler is beautiful. I used to do cross stitch, but quit when I went back to college. Then I started quilting, and I guess you know the rest of the story!

  9. I have several samplers that I have done - but nothing reproduction like yours and I haven't picked up my cross stitch for several years.

    There are several that I still intend to do; however, quilting does seem to take priority these days. Applique being the handwork of choice.

    Thanks for the education on the band style of sampler vs. Quaker style. Didn't know that!


  10. I love this band sampler! So gorgeous! I am a quilter, a stitcher, a knitter, and a wannabe rug hooker! Problem is finding the time to enjoy all of them! Have a great day!

  11. Hi Dawn, Loved seeing your Exemplar and how you chose to finish off the final band with your name. I really enjoyed working in this style completing each band was like a little "finish" each time and made the size of the project so much more manageable, don't you think?

  12. Yes, this is just stunning. Like most, I have done it all. I have done several samplers, cross stitch, embroidery, but quilting, well, I can't do without any quilting. I sew most every single day, crochet every day. Have several of my thread work on walls, but quilting is my thing now. I love all you do. I want to do that black and white vortex from your Etsy shop is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it all. gloria g.

  13. Dawn, your sampler is beautiful as well as impressive. I am currently doing some needlepointe, but I have a special place in my heart for samplers. Just wish that there were more hours in a day.

  14. Beautiful stitching! I did a little cross-stitching in the 80's, but nothing like this. I started a little pincushion last year. Seems I prefer quilting!

  15. I'm not a 'quilter only' but have not gotten into counted cross-stitch. Yours is amazing. What does it measure? I have knitted, crocheted, done needlepoint,made braided rugs,sewn clothing and more recently done some weaving...something I always wanted to do. Too bad there are not more hours in a day!

  16. opps - just reread the post and you do include the size. why are you reframing?

  17. I haven't done any cross-stitching for a couple of years. I think I should get the project out and finish it. It's something I like to do in the summer since the small piece of linen doesn't make me feel as hot as a quilt does in warm weather. Your sampler is beautiful!

  18. How did I miss this post??!! Your sampler is awesome!!! I've never made one - but if I did I like this one! Great job!

  19. That's a beautiful sampler!

    I'm really only a quilter. In fact, usually just a piecer although I'm now trying out big stitch quilting. I also embroider on quilted projects and find it very relaxing.

  20. Dawn ...

    I just saw your photographs of The Examplar.

    Would you be willing to comment on HOW you did the whitework at the bottom?

    I am at that point in the sampler -- have been for years. I've tried several times to do that satin stitch freehand whitework.

    I tried what the pattern suggested -- stitching the outlines first in straight stitch -- but then when I filled it in, it looked messy because I see the straight stitch outlines.

    I've also tried just stitching it freehand.

    I can't get it to look nice!!! So each time, I've given up and put it away, and then I work on something else.

    Any hints or suggestions you might have would be most gratefully appreciated!


Thanks for your comments!