Tuesday, April 24, 2012

United She Stands Quilt and Sajou Treaures

About 64" Square
This is from the book "Vintage Gathering"
 by Kaye England

It is machine pieced and machine quilted.  I really wish I had hand quilted it - but... it is what it is.  Done!

I like the blocks and the setting.  I tried not to repeat prints.  There is trapunto on the cream areas.

The floral border was a 'safe' choice compared to the border shown in the book.

I also mitered the border corners.

This is the picture of the model for the book.

Bonnie Stratton's 'Lady Liberty' fabric was used for one border piece and a corner.  This was our Chaska Guild challenge fabric years ago.  Maybe 2000?  2001?

Note the way the border lengths are applied in the book model.

 I have a few Sajou treasures to show you.

These are reproductions of antique pieces.

The scissors are faux Mother of Pearl (MOP) in the Charles X style.

The pins have glass heads.

The box is marked in French for needles and pins.

Here you can see the ribbon handles lift the lids to the storage compartments.  The ribbons provide just enough tension the lids will not open when the box is tipped.

A very sweet set that was a gift from my family.
Makes me smile and think of them, they know what I like.

The pieces are sitting on the back of United She Stands.

I use the scissors - mainly for embroidery threads.  Would you? or keep them for display?

Have a fabulous week!

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  1. I do love this quilt you have made, and I concur with your border choices. It is a beautiful quilt!
    What great little reproduction sewing implements! Judging from what I have seen on your blog, you have plenty of items for display--use and enjoy those scissors! : )

  2. Oh Dawn, I love this quilt!! Your fabric choices and borders are perfect!!!! You know, I DON'T need another project - but this one is simmering in my thoughts!!!

    Such a sweet family - that's what I love most about gifts - the opportunity to remember the giver! I love using my things - so I vote - USE THEM!!

    Have a great week!

  3. i think i prefer your rendition of the quilt and love the elegance of the printed floral border. mitering the corners was a good choice. normally i like a more primitive look but you've done a beautiful job~!
    the borders on the pattern look to be almost log cabin style and would be fun to try. i'll have to jot it/sketch it into a notebook for possible use later.

    those scissors are absolutely wonderful~!!!!~they must be a joy to use and i would definately use them for snipping threads. do they feel like they will hold up well?
    i bet they are of excellent quality~!
    i followed the link to the Sajou site. oooooohhh la laaaa . . .
    i want to live there~!~lol
    i'll be adding it to my favorites bar for lots of future drooling/visits.

    you always share such excellent information, beautiful collectibles and gorgeous needlework. a great joy to visit and always time well spent.


  4. I was given a pair of antique scissors and I use mine. Really, why not as long as they're sharp enough for the job? Love your quilt! I've never attempted trapunto.

  5. You have the best sewing treasures. I would use the scissors if they cut as well as the little Gingher scissors I use. Otherwise, they certainly are pretty for display.

    I like your quilt! And done is good.

  6. I love your quilt -- so pretty! And your Sajou treasures. Sigh. I want some Sajou treasures. lol! Maybe for Mother's Day I can ask for one.

  7. Love your quilt Dawn and you have such lovely sewing treasures.
    So nice to collect sewing related items too.

  8. Your border is much better than the patterned one. The variety of fabric in the blocks is wonderful.

  9. Love your quilt - but understand why Kaye did hers the way she did, too. I have heard her speak and can just hear her explanation of that border!

    Your sewing treasures look sew cute and fun - glad you are using them and yet able to treasure them at the same time. :)


  10. I like the way you made your border--the mitered edges just fit the design well. It is also a gorgeous print that you used. Always like seeing your "new" sewing items and quilts!! You should treat yourself to using the scissors if they work nicely.

  11. Your quilt is beautiful! You did a great job photographing it - I can see the trapunto. I like your borders better.
    Yes, I would use the scissors. I think we should display and use these things - no sense hiding something away in mho ; c )

  12. I should clarify I like the borders in the book - in fact I adore quirky borders...but back in 2001 I wasn't as...shall I say evolved?? same with the mitered corners...

  13. I love your version of the quilt!
    (the border arrangement in the original would drive me crazy!! Lol)

    The little pin and needle box is a treasure!! The scissors look very delicate.
    Great gifts!!!

  14. Beautiful quilt! I love all the variety of colors and prints and the mitered border.

    The little needle box is wonderful. I would use them, as I think they were meant to be used, not just looked at :)


Thanks for your comments!