Monday, April 9, 2012

Ferns and Berries

Ferns and Berries Pattern
Thanks for stopping by - we're introducing our newest pattern "Ferns And Berries"

This is one of the most intricately hand quilted applique quilts in our collection.

This is an interesting 9 block setting/orientation, surrounded with a complimentary border - where corners were ... not too important.

What would you call the primary leaf motif?
Staghorn Fern?

Was the bed against the wall and the drop only on the left or right?

The vessels containing the ferns and berries have great detail.

pg. 42 - documented antique quilts
Having seen similar quilts, the pattern set includes the block in 3 sizes including one set straight.  The border is in two sizes.  All patterns are full size on large paper - ready to trace and stitch!

The patterns include the detailed quilting lines as well as the applique.

These examples are not contained within a 'vessel', they float or sit on sashing.  You could leave the vessel off and have the leaves meet at the bottom.
Similar quilts can be seen in the book:
In The Heart of Pennsylvania: 19th & 20th Century Quiltmaking 
by Jeanette Lasansky                ISBN 0-917127-00-5
Oral Traditions Project of the Union County Historical Society (1985) 

Antique crib size medallion center

Red ferns aren't really red ferns.  You can read more about the plants HERE.

Note the yellow stems in this example.

Stems in the examples we found vary - narrow applique, embroidered and applied cording.

The hand quilting is quite detailed on our quilt.  All of the motifs are included on the pattern and include:  multiple flower styles and sizes, stems with berries and leaves, leaf clusters, feathers, loops and clam fillers.

The pattern is available in our Esty Shop HERE.

Thanks for reading about Ferns and Berries.
 How about it...are you a red or green fern?

UPDATE:  Size Question:
You have numerous size options
   There are three blocks sizes:  23", 18" and 15 " as well as 10.5" and 6.5" borders
   Depending on your selection you could have a 9 block with the largest border at 90" square
          You might like a 15" 4 block with the smaller border that would finish at 43"- Sweet!
          Or, how about a medallion with the 18" center set square and some pieced 6" borders?


  1. The ferns in green make a lovely quilt but I like the red as a single block.Don't think I'd want the red as a whole quilt though.
    I'm too busy looking at all the ins & outs to be sewn.LOL

  2. Wow! How many more quilts do you have to turn into patterns? Lots of work involved in doing this.

  3. Wow! I just love every quilt you design. Not sure which is my favorite - they are both wonderful!

  4. Beautiful quilt....wonderful to have the pattern made available.
    I enjoyed reading the excerpt about the red ferns...."Where the Red Fern Grows" is a favorite of my husband and son's so I finally read it about a year ago.
    Good book, too. :)

  5. I might have missed it but what size is the finished quilt?

  6. Oh my! It's beautiful! You're torturing me with all your beautiful patterns. Too bad I'm not that into qpplique anymore.....

  7. You really do a nice job with the variety of sizes. As for red or green, I think it depends on if it's spring or Christmas. If you and your daughter are making all the samples, you really stitch fast! It's amazing how quickly you get new quilts and patterns produced. This is another lovely example!

  8. What a beautiful quilt. I am so glad you share these beauties with everyone through your patterns. It preserves them for the next generation.

  9. Such a beauty! I am tempted to tackle it :)

  10. Congratulations on producing another great pattern. Sooo much work!!
    I love that you include quilting lines too.

  11. Such a satisfying job you have, giving the antique quilts a whole new life with your patterns.
    The quilts are lovely, every one.

  12. Just delicious, Dawn. I feel a need to start one for my very own coming on *s*

  13. lots of great choices included with this pattern~! very nice. i think i'm a green fern sorta gal . . .

    loved reading the info on the red fern as well as the excerpt from the book . . . it's been so long since i read that one but am now wondering if it might be worth a re-read . . .


  14. Ah, you've been busy!
    Definitely green ferns for me!

  15. I love the ferns...or whatever they both colors!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)


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