Saturday, December 15, 2012

Quilts of Christmas Past

Pattern:  One-Block Wonders Cubed (Rosenthal/Pelzmann) 
Did you make quilts for a gift this holiday season?  Perhaps still getting the last stitches in?

I didn't gift anything quilty this year but thought I would share some quilts of Christmas Past...these all live in other homes, so these are old pictures.

Batik Cubes - I enjoyed this so much I made two - one for my son and one for a SIL.  I'd like to make one for me someday.

Roxy has to try and get into all quilt pictures

This is a quilt we gave to my BIL.  He loves to hunt deer and I had a really hard time getting into that theme.  Once again I turned to One Block Wonders (book 1).

The first border is a Nancy Kirk Civil War brown.

The outer border is a birch tree print - fitting for a winter
'deer in the woods' theme.

When I look at it now I would like to move some of the blocks around...but all in all I was pleased with the result.

This is the back of the quilt - showing the deer print before it was cut.

I also made a One Block Wonders quilt with a blue toile and it worked great - that was a graduation gift quilt.  Maybe it is getting time to make one of these for myself...
You can read more about Maxine HERE.

There are many more quilts of Christams Past, fun to review past quilts and compare to where I am today.

Have a great week!


  1. I'd never know the deer quilt was a deer quilt if I hadn't seen the back. You did a beautiful job on it, as you did with the cube quilt. But then you always do!

  2. Beautiful quilts! I just love the first one! But I guess that's not too surprising. I love batiks, and I love the colors. :D

  3. Dawn you did great on your OBW! The one you did is a little harder to design but you did fabulous! the six petal is much easier for placement.
    Love the boarders you piked to go with it you are a natural!

  4. what nice gifts.
    I love one block wonder quilts - very cool! I'll bet he loves it.

  5. It's tougher to make quilts for most men than for women. Great job on your gift quilts! I have made a quilt for every one of my siblings through the years except for my youngest brother and I keep putting it off.:)

  6. Oh, those batik cubes are luscious!
    Great "Deer in the Woods" quilt.
    I am way behind on my gift quilts. Real life got in the way. With late nights I may still make it. : )

  7. Your family has been very lucky to receive such wonderful quilts. One Block Wonder quilts are always full of surprises.
    It's fun to review where our quilting journey has been. Thanks for sharing some of your quilts from the past .

  8. Beautiful quilts - you are so talented! Do you ever just piece simple, quick quilts? Lol...

  9. Beautiful quilts. So cool how they are done. I'm sure these quilts are loved.
    I love to make quilts for others but not for Christmas. Too much pressure unless it is made way in advance. I prefer surprises for no reason!

  10. So beautiful quilts.
    Liebe Grüße Grit


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