Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Workt By Hand Hidden Labor in Historical Quilts 2013

Brooklyn Museum Collection - ca 1840 Accession Number 67.93.5

The Brooklyn Museum - Brooklyn NY has a 2013 Quilt Exhibit:  (March 15 - September 15)

“Workt by Hand”: Hidden Labor and Historical Quilts Organized by Catherine Morris, Curator of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum.

The museum also has a fabulous online catalog

These are just a few of the 144 records in their online collection:

Brooklyn Museum
ca 1830 103" x 104"    T Quilt for bed posts
Accession Number:  49.27
The online file has details photos

Brooklyn Museum ca: 1840-1850   95.5" x 101.5"Accession Number 43.142.3

Brooklyn Museum   ca. 1830-1840   88" x 85"Accession Number:  76.31

Brooklyn Museum67" x 80"  Accession Number:  63.32.44

In addition to the collection database, they have archives of past exhibits including quilts. 
1960 Quilts and Coverlets   Be prepared to flinch a little when you see the quilts roped up by their corners.  Always nice to see quilts photographed in black and white - very graphic.

1984 Curators Choice  Includes color and B&W photography of the quilts.  I also enjoyed seeing pictures of people as they viewed the exhibit.  You will see quilts from the collection photographs in the gallery setting.

I'm thinking a trip to New York might be in the 2013 travel plans!
Could you pick a favorite??  I couldn't! 


  1. This should be a wonderful exhibit! I hope those who get to attend post photos.

  2. Favorite? Ask me again after my head stops spinning. Just love those vintage quilts!

  3. Thanks for sharing in pics...I will be checking out the online catalog as soon as I find time.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I think the T-quilt is so different - I love the border fabric how it frames the quilt.


  5. Thanks for sharing Dawn. I think my favorite would be the T Quilt. But they are all wonderful.

  6. Thanks for sharing the info today. It would be fun to go. I was glad to see from the show in 1960 to the one in 1984 someone figured out a better way to display these lovely quilts. : 0)

  7. Oh nice! I have to remember this. Definitely time to go to Brooklyn this spring. :D

  8. Thanks for stopping by the other day. I love the boldness of the T quilt. New York, one day, some day.

  9. Thanks for the info Dawn...I'll be in New York next year so I'll be able to go!!

  10. I also hope to be in New York in 2013 and will try to fit this in the program. Thanks for the link.

  11. I can pick a favorite - the last one with the paisley sashing. I think it's a shoofly block but it's the sashing I love.

  12. How did I miss this post????? Wow oh wow - wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!!

    Thanks for sharing!


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