Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Log Cabin WIP and FREE eBook

Log Cabin Quilt
by:  Mary Jane Ruggles Dickinson (184801925)
Collection:  Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

A couple friends and I are doing Log Cabin quilts - reproductions of our favorites.  We are at different stages.
One is cutting strips - looking at patterns, one is quilting and ready for binding.  Let's just say mine is....lingering.

This is my inspiration quilt, with happenstance...

I saw it pictured in the McCall's Vintage Quilts Spring 2004.  Little did I know at the time I would be living in Colorado and making frequent visits to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.

You can see the details and vivid color of the quilt on The Quilt Index HERE.

So about my Lingering Log cabin...
This is it - the blocks and all the strips after the movers decided to repackage my project bag.

Not only do they need ironed, but sorted...again by length and color.

I think it will be a snowy day project...

It is an assortment of repro fabrics - many eras - a true scrap quilt.

I also have a log cabin in my collection.  I wrote about it HERE.  I also showed some of the blocks - Proof they were neat at one point!

Thinking of a log cabin project?  Like to look at old quilts?  For FREE?
(You do have to register but once you do - all their eBook library is free once you register.)
I'm not sure what I like more - the Sara Miller antique crib quilt picture or the block chart table!  Well, maybe it's Sara's Courthouse Steps with blue centers.  Or...2" blocks for a doll quilt...

Enjoy the free eBooks - and wish me luck ironing!


  1. I love log cabins but haven't made one yet. Definitely sorting those strips will be a snowy/rainy day project, but it will be so much fun to get started.

  2. I look forward to seeing how your quilt comes out. I have never done one but I do have some good patterns.


  3. Good luck with your log cabin quilt, Dawn!! Another one of my Favorites....actually have too many favorites! I have another log cabin underway.....finished the first block of 30 or so blocks last evening. When one has lots of WIPs, Each evening have such a wide choice of what do I feel like working on tonight? LOL

  4. Thanks Dawn and happy ironing. There should be a lot of memories amongst those strips.

  5. I can't beleive how much sewing you manage Dawn. That's going to be another beauty.

    You really don't have to rub it in that your down the road from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. LOL.

  6. I love log cabin quilts and it's been a long time since I made one. Thanks for the links. You are always so good about providing sources! Have fun sorting and ironing! If you'd like, I could send you fabric strips. There is always enough to share!

  7. I made a log cabin or two way back when. I think I gave both of them away as baby presents. Oh well. lol! Good luck with yours. The free e-books sound dangerous. :D

  8. Log cabins are one of my favorites and also the very first quilt I ever made. Love them all!

  9. I love log cabins. I put those blocks in quilts, but never made a full quilt of them. I need to make that a priority. My mother made one early in her quilting experience--before rotary cutters. I think she spent two years of steady work making it--including the hand quilting.
    Oh, I would need a good movie in to tackle an ironing project like that! Good luck!

  10. Went both places - love your log cabin!!! Now, I want to make one, too!!! Maybe soon!! Love the ebook! thanks for the tip!!

    Love the snow pic! Thanks - makes me a little homesick!!

    Blessed Christmas!!

  11. Thank you for sharing the lionk to the Free E-book with us and good luck with your ironing ;-). I am sure, it will end up with another fantastic quilt from you.

  12. what a great log cabin quilt - I have the museum on my list of quilt places to visit -
    off to see the ebook - thanks!

  13. The movers repackaged something not breakable?!! Shame on them. I never had movers repackage anything other than a partial cube of butter I forgot to remove from the refrigerator.

    I love your inspiration quilt - beautiful! I'm sure yours will be every bit as nice.

  14. What is it about log cabin quilts anyway? Love them, love them, love them. Good luck with your ironing. It's a good time to fall in love with your fabric all over again.:)


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