Monday, December 12, 2011

Red Green Baby Baltimore And Singer Hand Crank

More Red and Green....
I'm working up to starting a Baltimore.  It's taking years ;-)
Not committing - stashing fabrics, buying books and patterns, studying....
I took a hand applique class and completed this little four block quilt several years ago... Mary Deeney was a pivotal teacher in my applique skills.
Mary's an award winning hand quilter.  Mary's version of  Pat Cox's "The Gift" won a 1st Place Prize at the American Quilter's Society Show (Paducah) in 2002.

View Mary's Quilts HERE

She has the 'Sweet Baby Baltimore' pattern available (and others) on her website.

Sweet Baby Baltimore
This is my class project.

It is hand applique and machine quilted.

The designs are very classic and we built skills as we went through each lesson over the weekly sessions of the course.

The binding is red, with a green fabric insert.  Between the red and green is a line of yellow hand embroidery.

See my friend Jean's red and green quilts HERE

I picked up this little Singer hand crank at a bargain basement price - so if it is a recent reproduction that's ok!

How can I tell?

I read about them HERE.

From the thread spool, the parts are numbered so to thread it...just follow the numbers!  It clamps to the table so if you really get 'ta crankin' it stays put.

The box included the cloth guide, clamp, box and manual.

The manual has copyright dates of 1922, 1936 and 1948.
The box says No. 20, the manual says 20-10

I checked for markings and I see mine was made in the USA.
It has the all black 7 spoke hand wheel.

I have another one - in a future post I'll show the two side by side.
I love the writing on the box assuring me ...
Maybe I should make a little chain stitched doll quilt!

See A crank sewing machine group HERE
(Thanks Sue from Simply Pieceful)

Have a great week!!


  1. The fabrics you used in the four block quilt are just perfect. I think you are ready to move on to making your Baltimore quilt. I look forward to seeing blocks this coming year.

    I have one of the little sewing machines like yours only I did not get a box, etc. Mine is a little beat up so I got it at a lower price. Yours looks very good.

  2. You did a beautiful job on your little applique quilt. I love doing hand applique.

    That's a really cute sewing machine! When they're that small, cute seems like the best word. There's a specific hand crank machine I want but I've only seen it in treadle and electric. If I ever do, though . . . .

  3. That quilt is gorgeous!!!! Just beautiful. I have a soft spot for applique. lol! Love the little sewing machine too! Lucky you to find a bargain.

  4. I love that red and green quilt as a class project and that you met weekly. I especially like the detailed binding treatment that you see in the antique quilts but nobody (okay you do, but hardly anybody) attempts anymore. My pivotal applique experience was a year-long Baltimore Album class with Mimi Dietrich. It was the class that taught me to love applique because it gave me the confidence to actually do it. But, a full album quilt is a major undertaking and the albums I love are beyond beginner projects. I have the blocks from my class but they will never be in a quilt. I, too, am collecting and mulling over exactly what I want in MY album quilt.

  5. I think you are ready for the adult size Baltimore applique too. Are you planning to combine patterns from different quilts? What sources are you using. Knowing you, I bet it will be perfect down to the last detail. No pressure there, eh?
    That little machine, another beauty from your impressive collection. I love hearing the detail.

  6. Your applique green/red quilt is just gorgeous!! I envy anyone who can accomplish nice hand applique, something I really have to work on in 2012! Love the little Singer too!! I have one similiar but no clamp - boo hoo!
    I'll have to feature it too oneday LOL!!!
    Let us know how you go sewing with this delightful little machine sometime!!

  7. Your baby Baltimore is darling.

  8. Love this red and green beauty! The fabrics are wonderful and I really like the quilting design. Are you displaying it now? throughout the year? I'm sure a full size Baltimore made by you will be stunning. Go for it!
    Such a sweet little sewing machine. I imagine it's fun to own.

  9. That quilt is gorgeous!.. Just beautiful. I too have a soft spot for applique. I really need to get back into it..this quilt is so inspiring.
    Julia ♥

  10. That red and green quilt is just gorgeous. Lively colors and design. And I absolutely love and envy you for the little sewing machine. Too cute for words.

  11. Love applique and love red and green quilts. Also enjoyed your link that led to the Toy Sewing Machine history. Thanks!

  12. My girlfriend had a sewing machine just like this one and her Dad had fabric sample books...oh the fun we had making dolls' clothes.

  13. What a fantastic quilt Dawn! I look forward to watching your Baltimore Album progress once you get started:)

  14. Beautiful little Baltimore Album quilt!! Wonderful job!

  15. oh sweet baby~!!~ indeed~!
    that is a beautiful quilt and perfect for seasonal (holiday) decorating as well as year round. the binding is very interesting. i'd love to see a close up of it.
    it's funny, just yesterday a friend and i were talking about the Baltimore Album style quilt that we have been planning (much like you have) on doing together . . . i hate to start another project but my friend says "18 years is long enough to think about it". so maybe in the new year . . . i've always wanted to do a sort of primitive / prairie version which i suppose sounds kind of strange but it tickles the back of my creative mind to go in that direction.

    that little singer is precious and sure looks to be the real thing~! lucky you~!
    i have one child's sewing machine that happens to be white (hard plastic) with metal working parts and sits on a red (metal) base. written on the base is: "Sew-O-Matic Senior" and underneath that: "A STRACO machine". i think it's more vintage than antique but it's quite charming. i bought it for myself as a birthday present one year and hope to add more to the "collection" one day. i'll have to look for a tiny singer version~!

    oh gosh, i LOVE visiting your beautiful and informitive blog~!!!!!!!~ now to check out those links . . .


  16. How I missed this post, I'll never know!! Absolutely lovely applique and quilting!!! The little sewing machine is priceless!! I too want to do an applique quilt like this, but haven't ventured there yet. Have a few books and a couple pieces of fabric - maybe someday!!

    Blessed Christmas


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