Thursday, December 8, 2011

Little Medallion - Red and Green is Not Just For Christmas

Approximately 40"          Framed Medallion Reproduction 1884
I have a few red and green quilts, and I wish I had more!  Such powerful colors, and when used together - they are magical...

This is a reproduction from the book:
Great Little Quilts
Antique Crib and Doll-Size Quilts
by Eleanor Levie
ISBN-10:  0810933535

In the book the original quilt corner stones are appliqued 1884.
I hand pieced the center, and hand quilted it.  I machine pieced all of the surrounding blocks.

This is the same book my Honeybee quilt is from.

Keeping with a Christmas theme, here's a grouping of red and green sewing items.

The drawstring bag is crochet and perfect for a hand sewing project like hex's or embroidery.

The pin cushion is rather festive with the red satin bow.  I wonder if she had seasonal pin cushions?

Who is that guy in pajamas?
Could be.
He's a tape measure, marked Japan.
He measures in inches and centimeters.  

(A little disclaimer here) I didn't find this lump of coal pin cushion in my stocking, I found it in an antique shop in Pennsylvania.

The center is coiled paper that used to be filled with pins.

This lump of coal pin cushion was an advertising piece.  Every time you reached for a pin, you had a little reminder who to call for all your ice AND coal needs.

Have a great week!
Do you use red and green quilts year around?


  1. Ah, beautiful post as usual. Love that quilt! Love the red and green items around your collection too. lol about that coal pin cushion!

  2. Ice and coal from the same place just makes me laugh - as does a two digit phone number! I love the little quilts you posted. Little quilts are my favorites. I L.O.V.E the top quilt that you made. Gorgeous!

  3. Your rendition of the antique crib quilt is splendid! Just beautiful.
    The lump of coal is unlike anything I've seen before, although, if I had seen it, I wouldn't have realized what it was, I don't think. Paper for a pincushion!

  4. Another beautiful quilt! I now have that book so I'll have to check out your inspiration.
    I guess I don't have any red and green quilts. Something to put on my already long do to list! I do have a little Christmas tree I display all year so I'm sure I would have no qualms about doing the same with a red and green quilt.

  5. Your little medallion quilt is amazing!
    I don't have any quilts that are strictly red and green (and neutral). I am trying to remedy that. : )

  6. Your medallion quilt is wonderful. I too have that book and have had that pattern marked for a long time! I use red and green quilts all year round!

  7. I love how you have made the red and green quilt. What size is it, or what size are the little blocks. They must be small if it is a crib quilt! All those gorgeous little bits and have quite a collection.

  8. What a magnificant red/green quilt!!!! I love this one to bits!! The coal pincushion is a very unique little item, great history attached to it, thanks for sharing all your lovely goodies!!!!

  9. I really love your medallion quilt Dawn. I use my red and green quilts all year just because I love red.

  10. Adorable sewing items!!! Love the quilt!!! Do you mind if I copy the pic for my files - might want to make it someday - I love it!!!


  11. Another gorgeous show and tell! I love decorating with red and green the year round (well, spring can be difficult) But the rest of the year, I think it just sings *s*

  12. Dawn, great little quilt from a great little book. I really like your usage of fabrics.

  13. I highlight my one red and green quilt during the holidays. I have enough other quilts to show off throughout the year,.
    Yours is truly a lovely quilt!!

  14. you have the most amazing sewing collectibles~!!
    that 'Ebeneezer' tape measure is wonderful.

    that medallion quilt is certainly gorgeous and i'd want to see it all year. your extraordinary needle skills are quite evident~!!~

    i have a red and white doll quilt that i display at various times throughout the year and i recently purchased a red, green and white antique quilt that was sold as a 'cutter'. it is absolutely beautiful and not worn enough for me to feel comfortable cutting it up. it is too worn to be used as a quilt but will be fabulous as a display (all year~!). the quilting on it is amazing~!
    i should get some good shots of it and do a post . . . you'd love it.


  15. Lovely little quilt Dawn. Good job well done.


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