Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nestled All Snug In Bed

9" center block
The children dolls were nestled all snug in their beds...

If they are going to be 'nestled' then it should be in a quilt!

This is a doll's sleigh bed I got in 1984, it has a matching armoire.  The pieces are signed 'Bill Pitts'.

I have a picture of each of my kids as infants on it.  They also played with it through the years.

I decided it needed new bedding.

15" x 18" excluding the ruffle
I made a mattress, pillow insert and sheet.
I have several quilts for the bed - but this is the most recent.

I added the pillow case after I saw Ann's collection.
If you haven't already, spend some time reading Ann Hermes blog, Notes From The Quilt Lab.  HERE

She has an amazing collection of antique/vintage pieced pillow cases.  Shared at AQSG this year, her collection is beautiful.  You'll also find some of her ongoing research and documentation.  I've posted about Ann's designs HERE when I showed another picture of my gallery wall with one of her designs.

I'll be adding more to the pillowcase after the holidays.
I'll also make some more to go with the older doll quilts in my collection.

The center is an 9" applique block surrounded with fussy cut borders.  To get the longer rectangle I wanted I added a couple rows of HST's.

It is hand applique and hand quilted.  All of the piecing is by machine.

Quilt Back

The ruffled border is only on the long sides.  The ruffle is incorporated in the binding.
Another edge finish option...

Pillow Applique Pattern:

2.5" finished motif

Old Favorites In Miniature
Tina Gravatt
ISBN 0-89145-808-5
Pattern #9 of her mini Baltimore

Hope you are "nestled all snug up" this holiday season!


  1. How big is the bed? It must be bigger than it looks if your children were on it for pictures. (Well, okay, now I see the quilt size.) That's a really nice quilt!!!

  2. Dawn,, darling bed and quilt. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. Precious little bed with very special bedding, Dawn! So nicely done.

  4. Dawn, your little quilt, pillow and bed are just precious. Any doll would be proud to sleep there!

  5. Very cute quilt. It gave me an idea. I can create a doll quilt with antique, vintage or a new cast off block. Just use it for the center of a doll quilt.

  6. What a sweet bed! You have such yummy fabrics. I'm amazed at the miniature work you've done.

  7. Oh my god! It's wonderful!!! The quilt! OMG! I love it! Love the pillowcase too! And that bed! How cool! I'd love to see the pics of your kids as infants on it, but I know it's probably too personal. How big is the bed? It must be at least somewhat big if infants can fit on it. :D Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow! Beautiful doll quilt, and beautiful bed, too. So unusual!

  9. ~!!~WOW~!!~
    you are one talented gal~!!!!!!!!!~
    that bed is an outstanding piece but you've raised it to a whole new level with your little quilt and pillow . . .
    love the way that you've extended the length of the quilt. that applique motif is tiny and your stitches flawless~!!~


  10. That is so sweet Dawn. Such little applique pieces too!

  11. The little quilt is amazing!! Beautiful work!

    The little bed is gorgeous!

  12. Your tiny quilt is spectacular. And what a lovely doll bed. The combo is a real treasure!!

  13. What a wonderful bed and quilt! And the pillowcase is darling too. Wow!

  14. What a treasure. The sleigh bed is just perfect for doll quilts. Your new red and green doll quilt is perfect for the holiday season.

  15. What a special little bed and quilt!
    The pillow just right and the finishing touch

  16. OMG, this is so precious. What an adorable little bed and the pieces you have made are wonderful! Hope you have a merry Christmas! Just finished making homemade tamales, whew (but they are sooo good!)

  17. That bed is a treasure! Can we see the matching piece? Please?? The quilt and pillowcase look wonderful on it.

  18. Miniature is so amazing. I particularly love the 2.5" applique. You must have done it under a microscope!


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