Monday, December 19, 2011

Wool Project - A Finish

I finished a UFO!!

"dear Santa I can explain"
Pattern:  By Debbie Busby
Wooden Spool Designs
You can see details HERE

Help me identify the designer!!

My first wool project was this penny mat a few years ago.

I can't find the pattern and looked online so I could give credit to the designer - I couldn't find it.  If you know - let me know and I'll update this post.

I'm working my way through these smaller wool projects towards a larger table runner - maybe 2012 will be the year!

This is one of my little feather trees and an elf I made.  As i recall the tree was the easier project!

You can see the real feather tree kits HERE.
Also details on their history etc.
This one is the smallest - and has lasted several years with very little care for storage.

You can barely see the wooden block base of the tree - it's a hand painted design. Base to tree top is about 10" so it is small.

The ornaments are less than 1/2" -  I think they are Midwest Imports made to look old.

Tomorrow the baking begins....the elves better be out of the kitchen....

On a non-holiday note I have made progress on my scrappy vortex.  If you haven't already entered the give away do so HERE.

Happy December!!


  1. Cute, cute, cute!!! Thanks for sharing. We've got a couple of Christmas gift projects to finish up tomorrow and then I will start baking, too!!

    Blessed Merry Christmas!!

  2. So cute! I love wool quilts -- been so tempted to try to make one. I hope you tackle that big wool project in 2012! Love your little tree and elf too.

  3. I love the "dear Santa" *LOL*
    All three decorations are very cute, but I'm no help on the designer for the snowman mat.

  4. You made the tree??? Wow! It's so cute and so is the elf at the bottom of it. Was the elf really hard? Debbie is a local and teaches at most of the quilt shops around here. She has the cutest things!

  5. I remember that little wool mat - it is just TOO cute *s* Great job on the finish. Happy baking *s*


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