Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Conversational Crib Quilt Treasures From Holland

It started with this...a great page from the book:

Treasures From Holland
Petra Prins / Quilt Mania

Click HERE and you can leaf through several pages of each book.  Great website!

I liked how the blocks were set in various positions - gives the quilt movement.

Original Quilt - Mary Koval Collection

The book includes photos of the original quilt with the reproduction.

The original quilt is from the Mary Koval collection.

I look forward to new lines of conversational prints being reproduced SOON.

I went through my reds and conversationals so each block is a unique combination of prints.

I set the conversational prints in random positions just like the originals.

I fussy cut a stripe for the sashing.
Sashing squares are solid red.

This is the WIP in the wall while I played with
purposely tilting the blocks - like the original.

Conversational prints include:
Rabbits, turtles, dogs, cats, horses, chickens, frogs, hot air balloons, insects, ducks...

My top - waiting for just the right backing.
(I'll be using solid red binding)

What do you think?

     One of the New MODA Friendship lines?  HERE
     Wait for a new conversational line?

Have a great week!


  1. I am loving this quilt! The movement is great!
    I have seen the pre-cuts of the new Moda Friendship line. Who is coming out with some new conversationals?

  2. Oh, I think any one of those reds would be a great fit for this quilt! You've done a wonderful job, Dawn!

  3. LOVE your quilt!! Shame you live so far away, this would be perfect to hang at Quilts In The Barn. Maybe l need to make one too!! Oh, wait for the new Moda reds. They are yummy!!

  4. This is great - you did a terrific job. Ady

  5. Oh wow! It's just gorgeous! How do you make quilts so quickly? I'm in love!

  6. LOVE it! Everything about it! I'm sure you will pick just the right backing, too!
    I love Quiltmania magazine, but do not own any of their books. I would like to remedy that.

  7. Oh Dawn!! This one is absolutely wonderful!! You are making it hard for me to NOT start another project!! I don't have many conversation prints - but I LOVE THIS!!! Thanks for Sharing. You will have a wonderful finished quilt!! A real treasured heirloom!!


  8. Love your rendition of this quilt, Dawn. I'm looking forward to the Friendship line coming out, it looks wonderful. That or a conversation print would be great for a backing. I think you'll know when you see the right one. I may have to get a copy of this book. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love your interpretation of this quilt. I may need to get this book! I've already used up two packages of charms from the Friendship line...can't wait until they finally mail out the yardage!

  10. What a great quilt - love the conversational prints, and this just makes me want to dig mine out! A nice red toile would do the trick for me.

  11. what a fun quilt and your interpretation of it is perfect~!
    i, too, love the tilty tipsy flow of this setting.
    i wonder why more reproduction conversationals aren't printed? i sure would like to see more of them.


  12. I think it depends on how opaque the batting is. You don't want to see a dark print behind the light pieces on the front. I think a conversation print would be perfect! I wish they'd make more of those, too. Red for the binding sounds just right.

  13. I love your interpretation of the original quilt. I can't wait for the Moda line as well. You have to collect those "good" reds when you find them. I have Petra 's book also and just love looking at it over, and over.

  14. Beautiful job. You have made such a lovely quilt. I can't help with ideas for the backing, but I know you will make the right decision.

  15. Fabulous use of those conversation prints! What a great rendition, Dawn.

  16. So far so good! Love how you used the conversationals. I always buy them when I find them.

  17. Your quilt is full of my very favorite fabrics. I love that red stripe you used for the sashing. I've never paired conversationals with the turkey reds. It's very striking. It's been a long time since those rabbits and other animal conversationals were put out by Marcus. I've been hoarding them and rarely cut into them. I'd love to send a wish list to the manufacturers.

  18. What a lovely quilt! I particularly like the concept of using coversation prints.

  19. Dawn, you did a great job with your reproduction. I will be watching for the Friendship line of red fabrics.

  20. What a wonderful quilt, Dawn! I love the book too. Lots of great quilts there.

    I vote for one of the "Friendship" fabrics for the backing.

  21. You have done a wonderful job at reproducing that quilt, very well done!!! Your fabric choices too as wonderful, especially the sashing!!!!

  22. You did a wonderful job making this quilt your "own". I want to make this too and am searching my stash for the right fabrics. When you are done, please post the finished quilt, I want to see it.


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