Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Sewing Supplies

Love your sewing?  So do I, as well as the goodies we need to stitch.

This heart shaped sewing box is made of cedar.

A mirror is under the hinged lid.
Spool posts line on the outer perimeter.

I put some red sewing supplies in the box to share.

I think this was made in the same era as the Lane mini cedar chests - maybe 1950's?

Lid closed - looking down at the distinctive cedar wood grain.

Red leather mending & manicure set 1.5" x 3" - size 10 English sharps needle pack
Mending tape on a wooden roll
Advertising thimble - Life Insurance
Misc Buttons
Sculptured Plush Amish Pin Cushion 

Can't have a Valentine's Day Post without a red and white quilt - this little one is machine pieced and hand quilted.  I paper piece sheets of HST's using TRIANGULATIONS.  With this method you can do 100's of HST's in an evening.  These are 3/4" finished HST's.  I did a little practice improvising the  quilting on the border stencil so it met in the middle of each side.  This little sweetie is about 10" x 16" finished.

If you enjoy buttons, check out these beautiful one of a kind handmade buttons HERE by Libbyquilter at Paper Napkin Poetry.

Hope your Valentine's Day is filled with sweetness (sewing or chocolate...both?)


  1. Perfect Valentine post!! Love the sewing box and the gadgets and the quilt!!! Have a great day!

  2. How cool! Love the heart shaped box and the other sewing goodies. That quilt is amazing! Such little hst's! I actually got a small Lane cedar box when I was in high school I think. (This was late seventies.) It was some kind of promotion where they were giving them to graduating high school seniors. I still use mine as a jewelry box. :D I remember clearly how I coveted my sister's (she's two years older) and was so happy when I got one when I graduated too. lol!

  3. I am starting to really like 3/4 inch hst...crazy no! The little read and white quilt is wonderful! Have a great Valentines day...

  4. I love anything with hearts! That's a wonderful sewing box. And I love your little quilt - great quilting in the borders.

  5. Simple and clean is always a winner and your red and white hst quilt is no exception. I be it was fun to quilt. I haven't tried Triangulations but will definitely do so now. Hundreds in an evening! I usually use Thangles. They are good for scrappy quilts but not for the same fabrics over and over.

  6. Your cedar sewing box is just gorgeous. Love the red and white quilt. Your quilting is just beautiful and really shows up in the border. Nice Valentine's post.

  7. The heart sewing box is beautiful!

    The HSTs in that quilt are tiny!!! I love that red print you used.
    I'm off to read about trianglulations...

  8. What a lovely little sewing box filled with red supplies.
    HaHa! I remember my sister getting one of those mini Lane chests in the early 70s. I was so jealous.
    That red and white quilt is amazing--all those little HSTs! Beautiful hand quilting job, Dawn!

  9. What a good find the heart shaped sewing chest is. I have never seen anything like it. You have the best collection!

  10. Love your red and white quilt!! Hmm!! Triangulations. You really like them!! Do l need to get this cd and try them? l always seem to be sewing half square triangles, and if there is a better way!!

  11. Your Valentine quilt is lovely. What a great way to make it.

  12. sweet little quilt and love the sewing box and notions.

  13. The sewing box is just too sweet, as well as everything in it. I love the quilting design you used in the border of that beautiful little quilt. The hand quilting looks wonderful!

  14. You have the most amazing collections! I just love seeing what you have to post next *s*

  15. Why a mirror in a sewing chest? Just wondering. Thanks for sharing more of your collection.
    That little quilt is so beautiful! So tiny!

  16. thank you for linking to me~!
    your valentine treasures are . . . wait for it . . . sweet~!
    ha. just had to do it.
    the tiny red and white quilt is wonderful and your quilting just awesome~!!~

    always love visiting your amazing blog.

    i did get a small cedar box while in high school . . . i loved it and now that i'm thinking about it i haven't seen it since we moved several(eight~!) years ago . . . hhmmmmm . . . really must find that.


  17. What an awfully sweet little sewing box, beautifully made! The little red/white HST quilt is just gorgeous!!!!


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