Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feathered Tulip In Vases Color Selection

The original blue was solid but I like prints
I enjoy making fabric selections when I start a quilt.

In my last post HERE, you gave me your opinions and preferences.  Great ideas!

I started with the blue.  The center of this picture is the blue flower as it looks now.  The center red circle is worn away and you can see how dark (even in its faded state) the blue was.  Yes, that's one blue piece of fabric - the exposed portion wore faster than the protected portion under the red.  Once the red went...the protected portion started to fade too.

Then I looked at greens.
The original quilt was done on one pin dot print.

I like prints and scrappy, but maybe it's time to use a solid?  Why not multiple prints in the block?

Does it have to be a reproduction fabric - maybe an impostor would be better....

Then the yellows...or should we say chrome?

Why only one yellow?  We don't have as many constraints in our fabric selections as quilters decades ago.

The red was worn the worst in the original quilt.

The center circle is one of the few pieces not fully worn through.

I considered a deep pink.

Let's not forget we have a pink flower.  However, I'd be tempted to make all the blue flowers pink and the pink flower blue.  Why not?

The reverse applique red in the center would be great in yellow or - how about cheddar?

SO may choices - so much fun!

What did I do you ask?
Well...more than one and I'm still considering a third...

Do you ever work in a series and because you have fabrics out for one project they end up feeding the next?

This is my little Josephs Coat waiting for me to get it quilted.

Fun combination with my attempt at getting the original colors of the quilt captured.

Here it is on the original block next to the reproduction.

I think this one I will make crib size with setting corners.  I'll use the quilting tulip motif for corner applique instead of quilting, and add the border to that.

So what did I do next?

In this version I used more of a medium color pallet.

Not all pastels, but some medium colors.

More prints, multiple greens and yellows - kept the red, but in a tonal print to soften it a bit.  I have block two of this one prepped.  I'm going to use a variety of greens and keep the blue consistent in the entire top.

Here are the two blocks I reproduced side by side folded in half.

I was asked to show the quilting - and I will next post.

Thank you for hanging in there with me and reading through this long post - I appreciate your time!

I love your comments!  
Do you like the idea of mixing the prints within the quilt for my 5 block version?
Use the quilt motifs as applique motifs for a crib quilt?

Have a great week - I hope you are playing with fabrics.


  1. How very interesting to see the two different color pallets you have reproduced side by side. Remarkable also, to think how much these antique quilts have faded and changed colors over the years.

    I probably would stick to one color choice within a quilt rather than mixing them up - at least with the colors you have shown here.

    This is a lovely quilt and you are doing a great job in reproducing it and providing a pattern. The post was not "long" at all - very enjoyable!

  2. Oh, so pretty!!! I love all the color choices and blocks. Just gorgeous!

  3. Just lovely...both colour ways look lovely, but I think I prefer the darker block because all the colours seem to play very nicely together....looking forward to what you do next :)

  4. I like the bundles of fabrics you had out and the same pattern in different colours is interesting but I find the navy too dark/heavy for the sparse/light design.

  5. The darker colors speak to me, but I would probably not hesitate to mix the prints. Just mho. : )
    Beautiful blocks any way you make it!

  6. I like how you folded the new quilt over the antique for comparison. A unique look at color and fabric pattern decisions.

  7. Great post...I am partial to the medium colors...has a definite Pennsylvania feel to them. I think I would keep the number of fabrics limited within the quilt (wow, can't believe I wrote that..so unlike me!)

  8. I was first drawn to the medium prints...but...they are both really neat. I'd mix or I might make five exactly alike...not sure...but I'll get to play with it soon!!! The contrast side by side is inspiring! Thanks for the tour!!

  9. Dawn I like the fabrics that you have chosen but I would stick with the mediums throughout.

  10. Interesting post. I like the medium prints best. Mix or not? I could go either way.

  11. The dark block is very striking but I must say that I just love the medium block the best! Beautiful work Dawn, I'll look forward to seeing it complete. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Such a thoughtful post. I really loved reading along about your fabric choices. Your blocks are so gorgeous! The Joseph's Coat made me smile; I never thought of making it in a doll quilt size!

  13. Dawn, I really don't know what to write. But this is very interesting to see and read. It is a fantastic quilt and you have drawn ther pattern. Amasing.

  14. I'd have to say I probably prefer the medium prints too! Although the darker ones are just as striking! Enjoyed reading your post, I think you are doing a great job reproducing this quilt, it's going to be just stunning!!!

  15. Wow - both really awesome blocks, amazingly I think I like the lighter version better. Thanks for sharing all of your thoughts and the process of choosing your fabrics - it was fun that we got to play along!

  16. WOW!! you do incredible work.

  17. Such an interesting post. While the dark block is striking I am more drawn to the medium colored block. My natural instinct is to make them all the same but I would love to see a mix of fabrics in the same colors. So inspiring, makes me want to go down and play in my stash!

  18. I really like both versions, but when I saw the second with the med. blue, Wow! I loved it. I think no matter what you do the quilt is going to be a show stopper.

  19. I prefer version #2. The solids, to me, look more like a '30's quilt, not modern yet not a repro of the original. I like '30's quilts but I think this one looks better in the softer blue and the prints. I liked reading through your process of picking the fabrics. I'd like to see what the applique in the corner would look like - maybe just cut out a piece and lay it on so we can get a look at it??? The finished quilt is going to be awesome!

  20. Following your step by step fabric selection was interesting. Thanks for documenting it and taking us along. Interesting that you enjoy the process. So many stress over it. I know I do.
    I like both versions of the block -- dramatic, bold, lovely. It's so interesting seeing them side by side.

  21. What an amazing block. I think the pattern and the quilt itself are just beautiful. Such an unusual setting. Your heart must have skipped a beat when you saw it. Thanks for sharing, it is real eye candy.

  22. I'm really glad that you gave that quilt a home. It is just gorgeous. I love all of your fabrics; I have quite a few of those in my stash. I love your applique' block!

  23. I think I favor the medium block. My pattern came today and I can't wait to start choosing fabrics for mine. I really like the way the original quilt looks and may go with the faded look.

  24. Really enjoyed this particular post. I LOVE learning about others' "process"! I love your so-called "cutter" quilt. I just may have to get the pattern from you to pin up as "wall candy" for I love applique-- especially Four Block Applique quilts and Strippy applique quilts. Where did you find your quilt? On eBay? Karen A. from Quilt History Reports


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