Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Special Day Thank You Annie and Feb 2012 TUSAL

by Cousin Farm Handmade USA
I'm sharing my special day with you.  When the postman rings the bell it's usually a good sign.

I had a package from Annie!
You can read Annie's Blog HERE.
Thank you Annie!!

Love the sign.  Read more about Cousin Farm Wood Signs HERE.
This is going in the kitchen window so when I do dishes I can think about other things...

Baskets Of Blessings

...and inside the bow and tissue there was more!

Fat Quarters - love fabric...

A kit from Cotton and Chocolate Quilt Co. HERE
Sounds like the perfect shop!
It was a bit like a trip back to Minnesota, because Sherri Falls is a MN girl who belonged to my guild in Chaska...small world.
Read about Sherri's quilting and This & That quilt patterns HERE

AND...Annie made me a quilt - she even added our names to the tag.

Beautiful reds - looking forward to adding this to the wall!

Thank you Annie for your generosity - I certainly do have a 'basket of blessings'

I also have my TUSAL for Feb 2012
Looks full because of some fabric snippets taking up space!

Have a great week!



  1. Wow, what great gifts. Love the red and white quilt.

  2. You must have been a very good girl!

  3. Very nice package. How thoughtful of Annie. I have seen her comments around blogland. I'm going to check out her blog!

  4. Wow, what a great package you received! Bet you are thrilled!

  5. They are all such wonderful gifts there. They certainly put a smile on my dial so I can imagine how you are feeling.

  6. Which type of special day is it? Should I say happy birthday or something else? That was a wonderful package - it's always such a good surprise to get something like this, especially when a finished quilt is included! Lucky girl!!!

  7. Wow! What wonderful gifts and even a little quilt! Nice to have friends like Annie!

  8. now that was a GOOD mail day~!!~
    love the last shot of your TUSAL bits. i use my leftover tiny bits for throwing under the felting needles every now and then. something that i need to do again soon . . .


  9. Glad you got lots of memories and smiles from the package--your appreciation is appreciated, lol :)


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