Monday, July 22, 2013

June Antique Quilts Part 2

Portion of the the exhibit
Part of my June travels included a stop at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.
The exhibit, "Machine Artistry Old and New
Sue Nickels & Pat Holly"
It was a beautiful exhibit of old and new quilts.  The new quilts by Sue and Pat, the old quilts are pieces from collection of vintage and antique quilts.

The museum does a wonderful job including other items of interest, in this example - antique sewing machines.

Opposites - Mountain Mist Pattern
The quilts were fascinating to see up close.
Detailed information tags on each quilt:
This 1910 pair is called Friendship Plumes
56" x 86"
They are machine appliqued in a decorative stitch.
The machine quilting is a diagonal grid 1"apart, over the red fabric and the border.  Two rows of free motion echo quilting are inside the plume and around the red center star.
The borders are quilt as you go.
The pattern company, Mountain Mist, suggested making a second quilt with the opposite color arrangement.

This was one of several red/green applique examples.
Four Block Wreath   1904
84" x 85"
All applique is done with tiny machine stitches using white thread.  Hand Quilted, pencil lines are still visible in some areas.
Embroidered on each border include:
Top:  CW  
Right:  HAB  91 or 71
Bottom:  JJT 1904
Left:  MAH

Tulip Wreath Four Block Detail

This is a detail of the machine applique flower and stem.

You can also see some of the hand quilted feathers surrounding the machine work.

One of the walls included several of Nickels/Holly contemporary small quilts.

This picture shows the quantity of pieces, and gives you an idea of how small they are compared to the size of the brick.

Oh, how I would enjoy an exposed brick wall to display quilts on.

Here's a detail picture where you can see their
machine applique and quilting.

Such precision and perfection!

Machine Quilted Sample

The museum included a 'quilt swatch' so viewers could touch 
it.  If you have ever white gloved you know how badly people want to touch the quilts!  This is such a good idea to have available.

Fabulously soft with a lovely 'drape'.

The tag doesn't say but I think it was silk with a silk batting.

This example has hand applique, reverse applique and machine quilting.

I took too many pictures to post here, so if there is something you want to see more of just let me know.  There are also many more pictures on the RMQM website.

The exhibit runs through July 27, 2013.  When you are in the Denver area it's just a short janut to Golden and the RMQM.

We also shopped the repro fabrics in the gift shop.

Thanks for reading today.
I hope you enjoyed the quilts!


  1. Looks like an awesome exhibit. Love the opposite red and white quilts. Ditto about the brick wall. Thanks for showing the closeups. Such fine stitching!

  2. This looks like a show I would LOVE to see!
    So close, and yet so far away! : )

  3. Nice to see your out and about seeing vintage quilts too Dawn. Lovely quilts thanks for posting.

  4. Thanks for sharing. The museum is on my list of museums to see.

  5. Looks like a beautiful exhibit!!

  6. Wow!!! I wonder if we will ever get an exhibit that beautiful here. Gorgeous!!

  7. Lovely exhibit, love the pair of red/white quilts!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  8. Wow! Beautiful exhibit! I love those red and white quilts especially. So beautiful!

  9. I love seeing antique quilts in museim exhibits. Thanks for posting about this one, since I won't get to see it.

  10. I love seeing these old quilts, can never get enough of that, thanks for showing. Particularly love that applique quilt!

  11. i really love that "New York State of Mind" quilt that is on the RMQM page~!!~
    i also enjoyed seeing the smaller pieces on the brick wall . . . the brick wall as much as the little quilts~!


  12. what a great exhibit.
    It was fun to see the two red and white quilts -
    Loved the little quilts by Pat and Sue too.

  13. Would love to see this exhibit in person, but thanks for sharing! Now I want to see any purchases from that gift shop!?

  14. Sue and Pat really do exceptional work. The machine appliqued quilt with the hand quilting was interesting, especially since the machine thread was white. Thanks for posting the pictures.

  15. Oh how exciting! Would love to see all the beautiful quilts on display.


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