Friday, July 12, 2013

June Flew By in the Best Way

At one point this spring I thought I might finish the hand quilting on Calico Paradise - as luck would have it - life had other GREAT plans for me.  June flew by in the BEST way!!

Here is my Calico Paradise in the frame - with most of the outline quilting done.  That leaves me the option to roll back and do the filler quilting in the frame - or - move to a hoop.

Nancy at Tattered Garden Quilting just posted about her start on Calico Paradise HERE.  I enjoyed seeing her wonderful stack of fabrics for the project.  She also shares her methods.  My applique choice is back basting and needle turn.  I love it as we can all use our own comfortable methods and enjoy our projects!!

ENJOY being the key word.  Stop by and cheer Nancy on.

Denver Botanic Garden
As I said June flew by filled with the best times with the best of friends!

So much so I need a separate post or two to share all the fabric and antique shopping as well as travels near and far.  I hope I can remember all the details - I can tell you new extra large suitcases had to be purchased!

Thanks for stopping in.
I hope you are enjoying a bit of paradise this week.


  1. Ah, your quilt is gorgeous! Glad you had a good June!

  2. Your Calico Paradise is SO lovely! That is seriously one of my favorite quilts.:)

  3. That is a beautiful quilt--I had already seen Nancy's start. Your patterns are amazing!
    Interested to hear how June flew by. : )

  4. The quilting is coming along beautifully and that is such a gorgeous quilt, can't wait to see it all done.


  5. Just lovely!!! I've been admiring all the applique going on in blog land! Maybe my hand project next year will be another applique quilt!


  6. I didn't realise that Calico Paradise was so BIG. It looks great on you frame, good job well done.

  7. What a lovely quilt, I had a look at Nancy's blog and found out I work the same way with big applique projects (like on my Phebe quilt) with the plastic overlay for placement. I love all the colors in this quilt. Have fun quilting!

  8. Dawn your Calico Paradise is just wonderful!

  9. Gorgeous quilt!! You are sooo talented!

  10. You have a great setup there for hand quilting. Can't wait to see this beautiful quilt finished.

  11. a new suitcase to carry all the goodies~! oh my, i can hardly wait to see/read the details~!

    i am enjoying seeing your Calico Paradise progress and i did give Nancy a visit and hers is also inspiring.
    i do wish that i felt like i could take on such a large project commitment at this time but know that it must wait. in the meantime i'll continue to gather inspiration from those bold souls who are showing us all how to do it right.


  12. glad you having a nice summer. Your quilt looks great. I've never tried a frame, but I love how it is a display while in the process.

  13. Love this quilt and of course the hand quilting. I have a Vonda Frame I use occasionally, but mostly quilt in a hoop.

    Great work and a marvelous pattern!!


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